Без комунікацій - нікуди

17.09.2010 16:39
Articles about real estate | Без комунікацій - нікуди "Buying a house or even plot, note the presence of communication - the board of directors RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko - especially at home where it is supposed to reside permanently. It is thus important to verify the actual presence of these same communication, and not to believe realtors word for it. To Gas and electricity have been brought in house, rather than passing by on a nearby street. The well to yield water and not to exist formally, etc. For example, as you spend a winter vacation in the Dominican Republic, I had to face a complete lack of communication in one from hotels, with such conditions is difficult to accept a few days, not to mention the fact that both would live. "

Just after purchasing the site, says Victor Kovalenko, you need to renegotiate all contracts with the respective organizations. And remember: do not trust realtors word for it, check all the documents themselves, ask local people about the real situation. Often it helps to avoid unexpected and sometimes significant financial costs. Or as an option (but more expensive), buying a home in the cottage, where land is sold already with painted communications.

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Victor Kovalenko
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