Between Kiev and the countryside: the secondary real estate market

28.08.2010 12:44
Articles about real estate | Between Kiev and the countryside: the secondary real estate market "The Beyond" metropolitan housing prices, chronic traffic congestion, ever-worsening environmental situation - all this will stimulate Kiev to move outside the city. Country House is becoming increasingly attractive alternative to the close of the Kiev apartment.

The buyer wants to live outside the city, both in the city. " Moreover, increasing demands, if the purpose of purchase - not just a cottage for the summer, and the place of permanent residence.

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Transport problem
One of the main incentives - closeness to nature. The point, however, not only in the fresh air and remoteness from noise city. Gridlock on the roads of Kiev is growing every day, and get, for example, from Troyeschina the other end of the city takes time. And, having bought a house in Vyshgorod area with convenient location, you can significantly decrease the time spent in transit, or at least make it pleasant.

The most popular is the 25-30-kilometer zone around Kiev. However, just round the corner, say experts, development and more remote areas. The main directions of the field linked to the motorway: in the direction of Odessa, Zhitomir, Korosten, Vyshgorod, Chernigov, Borispol and Obukhov.

Houses are different
If we exclude the already virtually illiquid home pre-war construction, the conditional, experts say, the rest can be divided by giving the early 90's, cottage villages, houses in villages and some are modern and comfortable holiday homes.

From the comfort of life
Among the issues primarily of interest to potential owners of suburban housing - proximity to the forest or water and their availability, as well as the relative distance from the busy highway. But equally important, of course, the question of comfort.

Earlier, a country house was associated with almost complete absence of the latter (by the standards of metropolitan residents), but now suburban housing is quite civilized. As for gas, electricity and water supply, sewerage, telephone lines, Internet, the availability of cable television, then, buyers want a cottage that would have centralized communication.

It is difficult, but possible!
Of course, easier when those questions for you to decide company-builder. However, the majority, nevertheless, carry out "good" itself.

The farther from the land are electricity and gas, the more expensive will not let them down, experts say. There is no fixed price: an average of the Kiev region, for summing up the gas you have to pay from 2 to 5 thousand dollars (depending on area and distance from home).

Expensive and cost to drill wells with drinking water (about 20-60 USD per square meter): cost depends on the depth of potable water. But still need to drain: it can either be 100% recycling for fertilizer for the fields, or have to pay for that sewer machine will periodically clean the cesspool.

Do not forget about the heating and hot water. Two phase gas boiler will pull in approximately $ 1000 plus installation. And if you want to protect themselves from interruptions in electricity supply, you can buy a diesel generator - and then even in urban apartment you might envy.

One of the main items of expenditure for the operation of the house - gas.
Today, tenants of 100 sq.m. pay for gas on average 100 to 500 hryvnia per month depending on the season and economy. To reduce the consumption of gas in the cold, experts recommend to raise gas heaters, insulated from each other, to heat only the rooms you want, and not the whole house, and used in the construction of energy-saving technologies. The cost of electricity in the average amount to 150-200 hryvnia.

Also, be nice if the village or town will be specialists who can support all the systems in good condition, clean snow and debris - in short, suburban housing office.

All snag infrastructure
For most people, vacation home today - this is the second home. After all, if something turns out to be, in most cases all that is in Kiev, but it is not so far, only 15-20 minutes away by car or 20-35 at the minibus. Considerable importance is infrastructure.

Therefore, if the family decides to move out of the city to live, does not interfere with available local infrastructure. This means that children have to look around the school or kindergarten, to have a shop and a pharmacy. Moreover, many of today it needs a gym, hospital, laundry and even a cinema.

Experts' opinions, and the owners of suburban housing often diverge when it comes to whether or not to choose a home for permanent residence. However, many people of Kiev, chose to live outside the city, can no longer understand what keeps so many metropolitan residents in close concrete walls. They enjoy fresh air, cool forest and a beautiful view from the window of his house.
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