Best direction of the country real estate for investment

04.11.2010 11:35
Articles about real estate | Best direction of the country real estate for investment Experts named Top 5 places near Moscow

Experts of Penny Lane Realty determine the best direction of the country real estate for investment. Priority factors influencing the popularity of direction, a good transportation access and infrastructure (availability of schools, kindergartens, etc.)..

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If you look through призму these criteria at podmoskovnye highway rating to the most interesting areas is as follows.

At the 1 st place - Minsk highway. Investment attractiveness: 16% per annum. Reconstruction of the road and also the construction of the toll road, which will double for the Minsk highway, may in the future 2-3 years to increase the value of houses in this area by 35%. "

At the 2 nd place - Kiev highway. Investment attractiveness: 14% per annum.

Here there is a significant amount of free undeveloped areas that will certainly contribute to the emergence of new high quality of settlements and the creation of a favorable investment climate in the near future.

On the third place experts put Novorizhskoe highway. Investment attractiveness: 12% per annum. Despite the fact that the trail leads to the volume of proposals in this area still have the opportunity to build new facilities, including a 10-20 km zone from the Moscow Ring Road.

At the 4 th place - Rublevskoe highway. Investment attractiveness: 11% per annum. Prices of land and property here continues to grow. The cost of certain items, since the winter of 2010, increased by 20-25%.

5 place - for the Dmitrov highway. Investment attractiveness: 10% per annum. Situation with the transport accessibility in the coming years promise to fix the construction of additional interchanges and an extension of the route in the most difficult places, which certainly will affect the investment attractiveness of destinations.
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