Belgian Uccle - alternative to Paris

06.12.2012 09:57
Articles about real estate | Belgian Uccle - alternative to Paris Among the advantages of Uccle - infrastructure, proximity to both capitals and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Recently, because of the tax regime to toughen French leave their homeland and settle in the vicinity of the capital of Belgium. Especially popular city Uccle - one of the nineteen municipalities, which collectively form the Brussels-Capital Region. French acquired in the area in an average of five houses premium daily.

On the Avenue MoliÈre, one of the best streets in Uccle, townhouse is being sold for a few weeks. There are four bedrooms with en-suite, two spacious living rooms, there is also a garage with a separate apartment above it. Angular arrangement allows light to penetrate into the house on three sides. This townhouse can priobrecti for 2.7 million euros. Such facilities often do not buy the Belgians and the French.

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"We had 10 hits, and all of the potential buyers came from the Paris region," - says Helen van de Velde from the agency Emile Garcin.

Since the end of September increased dramatically wealthy Frenchmen who move to the suburbs of Brussels. The fact that recently the French government decided to impose a tax on 75% of annual revenue in excess of € 1 million. Those who settle in Belgium, saving considerable tax rates in this country reaches a maximum of 50%.

According to the Belgian authorities, today, one of the 10 people Uccle - Frenchman. Even 10 years ago, was a native of France, only one fifteenth. From a population of 1.19 million living in the Brussels Capital Region, 54 th - the French. There are more people than any other nationality. From 2008 to 2011, from France arrived at 5 thousand people annually. And recently moved here, Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH and the richest man in France.

In Uccle many immigrants from Russia. They are descendants of the first wave of immigrants who fled their homeland during the Revolution and Civil War. In this community there is even the Orthodox Church.

Property prices in Uccle growing faster than anywhere else in the metropolitan area. In 2011, the house went up on average by 23.1% to 670,414 euros. Some experts fear that the "bubble" bunting in the local market may break.

However, housing in the Brussels Capital Region is still much cheaper than in the Ile-de-France. For example, in the Paris suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine secondary apartments are sold on average for 9120 euros / m ², in Uccle - for the 3000 Euro / m ².

Uccle has a convenient location in a high-speed Thalys train to Paris can be reached in 1 hour and 20 minutes.

The Brussels Capital Region is also popular Ixelles commune, located in the neighborhood of Uccle. Young French love to settle in the area around Chatelain, where there is a market and a lot of bars. Here you can buy a two-level apartment with two bedrooms and hardwood floors for 625 thousand euros.
Julia Kozhevnikov, Tranio.Ru
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