Began trials on the scandalous distribution of land in front of people in Goloseyevsky and Solomenskiy areas

14.12.2010 14:23
Articles about real estate | Began trials on the scandalous distribution of land in front of people in Goloseyevsky and Solomenskiy areas Kiev, who lost their plots to invite to the process "forgotten", and they take the courts by storm. A front men are now on the case as victims.

In the Kiev District Administrative Court decided the legality of allocating land for 1,290 private building in Goloseyevsky and Solomenskiy areas of Kiev. But it is clear that the perpetrators will not be called surnames. These ROW had a city council decision on 18.12. 2008, the newspaper said in Kiev.

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"Newspaper ..." already wrote that dozens of sites appearing in this document are identified on the front men, and some simply stolen passport data. And people over the years drawing up of documents on them and spend tens of thousands only to the official charges were left with nothing.

As soon as the scandalous decision issued and forgery was discovered, deceived rushed to seek the truth in different instances. Accessed, and the prosecutor's office and the SBU, and to the president - received replies. And about a month ago, accidentally discovers that the case turns out to be considered in court. The suit for rescission of the decision as illegal prosecutors filed Kiev. Alle Teregeylo not get the site on the street. Williams said this in Golosiyivska prosecutor's office, where she filed papers. Resident Jules Said Navicom general told a neighbor.

- I was shocked! We are three years pestered us cause, interrogated, even the president of us posted! And then by chance we learn that this earth is a court - outraged Said, whose family, according to this decision, has lost just four sites that were allocated to it in 1998-2004. - I picked up all the affected neighbors Zhulyanam. None of them did not know that there is a court! We rushed into the hall, more than a hundred people, and demanded that allow us to participate in the process.

Said Navicom (right), whose family also left without plots, found that the courts are, from their neighbors
Lawyers say prosecutor's office and was obliged to advise people. Actually, the lawsuit filed not to protect the wronged, and "in the public interest." The prosecutor's office requires only reverse the decision № 922/922, which is illegal. And then what? Punished if those who tried to steal this land? Will their lands by those who decorated them according to the procedure prescribed by law?

After all, they have been issued state certificate.

- Decision of the District Administrative Court, whatever it may be, will not solve people's problems, - said the lawyer Natalia Basarab, defending in court the interests of victims. - To the land given to those who prepared her documents, the city council must adopt a separate decision. And how to make a collective body to do this? In addition, some agreement, they received only valid for a year and now people will get them again. So that the court - just a drop. And then these people are alone with their problems.

Guilty no one is looking

The defendant serves the city council, that is 120 members, and even dozens of its employees involved and not involved in the preparation of land records. They all - the city council. It is clear that all may not be punished. And about specific people, organized or have committed fraud, the court are not talking.

- Administrative Court and can not make decisions on penalties under the Penal Code, - said Bogdan Zhmutsky lawyer who helps a group of victims. - In this case, as far as I know, and instituted criminal proceedings, but the players in the Kyiv City Council no longer work.

"Substitution" also hurt

Victims feel and "bogus" land owners. Because no sites are not actually received. And if they do, and shaped by the land had already been resold, and not once. Said by the way, he met with the "new owner" of one of their sites and track the history of the earth.

- He received a 19-year-old guy from the Khmelnitsky region. I found his address, he went there. He told me that he came to Kiev to find work. Saw the ads where the mayor promised to help with employment, rang the bell. There have demanded a copy of the passport and told to go home, wait for the call. Even gave money for the trip - 200 or 300 USD. He did not know that the owner of the site until they are interested in the prosecutor's office. Now this guy is also involved in a court. And my site several times already resold. How many times have really wanted to build on it! I burned a fence ...

The guy mentioned by Said, is on the case as a victim. Just like many other "dummy", deceived or unduly naive, who now can not anywhere else and never get the free land, even in his native village, since, according to the documents, have already exercised their right to privatize. So in total number of affected twice the allocated sites, that is more than 2,5 thousand people.

The court transferred the lands were not returned

Court of plots distributed in Zhulyanah to address the city council, decided to conduct a phased manner, say, too many people touched this case. Until the end of December to pass the meeting, which will listen to the victims - people who allegedly took away the land.

The other day - "fake". And yesterday was to be held a meeting with the defendant, that is representative (lawyer) city council. But the defendant failed to appear, the District Administrative Court postponed the meeting for December 23. There was not a plaintiff from the prosecution. But the staff were AHF Zhulyany and its head, Sergei Isayev, who was allegedly involved in the distribution of land, according to survivors. There were also victims themselves.

- As head of the local government can ride on a Lexus? - Resents Kievan Andrei Novikov. - And I have land taken away. But we hope the court: a young team the mayor broke up, so the city council decision on the transfer of land must be abolished. Here are just a return it to us?

But gather people who have drawn on the ground, it will be very difficult. Some do not even live in the Ukraine ...

- He has many years of living in Russia, - says Alexander Panko from Nezhin, on whose son also register the land in Kiev. - When to draw up documents to go to the North, we have a passport office were leaders who took advantage of his secret documents. They knew that he was going to live in another country, and arranged to have his six hundred square meters in Goloseyevsky region of Kiev.

That is, Sasha did not sign any documents. Came to me two solid men allegedly from police for a long time told us that Sasha is better to come and testify. They called him in Norilsk, but he never came - at work was not released. Once we no longer bother.
Newspaper in Kiev
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