Before building, check out the area for geopathogenic

11.10.2010 00:03
Articles about real estate | Before building, check out the area for geopathogenic Kiev has already developed a new Master Plan. Already identified construction sites, where the capital architects willing to "roam in a big way." It only remains to find investors. Here are the geologists who have worked for years in a specialized experimental methodical party on dowsing research at Ukrgeologii raises many doubts: is it safe to build in targeted areas grandiose objects?

Former leader of specialized dowsing party at the Ministry of Geology Vasyl Stetsenko said that at a time when the Mayor was Valentin Zgurskaya, it comes to drawing up a detailed map of geopathic zones of Kiev, where the city quite a lot. But the popular "craftsmen" had long been aware of cereal geopathic places of the capital. First in their list is the band, which stretches from Bald Mountain in Pechersk district, on the edge of the Central Botanical Garden in the hills, where the Museum of the Great Patriotic War, and the Dnieper goes on the Left Bank. That's why Laura monks never inhabited the area. Second strongest after the Bald Mountain unfavorable place experts believe the ravine slope, adjacent to Andrew Descent (not the St. Andrew's - he's very positive). On the other hand is limited to street yar Big Zhitomir. "There absolutely can not build anything," - says Stetsenko.

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Then come Zhulyansky overbridge on the Great Ring Road, Victory Avenue (Bose house number 142); the intersection of Forest Avenue with street Bratislava; Povitroflotskyi avenue, near house number 78 (one of the branches Zhulyanskoy anomalous zone); Reunion Ave (near the house number 7) ; prospect of Truth (near house number 64) region geopathogenic zone; crossing the street and the Railway Station of Kharkiv highway, street intersection Pushkin and Taras Shevchenko boulevard, the intersection of Prospect Street Vatutina and Balzac; site Brovarskiy Prospekt metro station, "water park", the intersection of Prospect Red Cossacks and the street Lajos Gavreau, street intersection and Olena Teligi Shchusev and, finally, crossing the streets of the Comintern and Shevchenko boulevard.

Also called dysfunctional place between the Mariinsky Palace and the Verkhovna Rada. Maybe that's why our sovereign husbands could not be obtained to establish the country's life? Rumor has it that series and willingly in Moscow, where the Russian State Duma, is considered the classic geopathogenic zone. Symptomatic, is not it? ..
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