Because of the scandal footage residents of the capital can not enter their apartments

21.09.2012 15:16
Articles about real estate | Because of the scandal footage residents of the capital can not enter their apartments Builders require citizens to supplement for extra meters at the new price. One by one in Kiev were "unfreeze" protracted, and people who put money in the apartment a few years ago, the opportunity to move into their homes. But there it was! Developers have elected to investors still break the bank - for alleged extra meters.

And the prices are called insane. Edition of "Today" just filled up the letters and phone calls from Kyiv, which is the problem with the universe.

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Arkady Zubkov in 2004 bought an apartment in building a house on the lane. Kolomievskomu, 17/31. "The money paid in 2006 for 2500 USD per 1 sq. km. m The construction is stopped, then resumed. Finally, the house has been built but it turned out that I have to pay extra for the extra 6 squares, and the price is 22,000 USD!

Builders can not explain how these parameters come from and why all of a sudden such a price. After all, the contract says that if extra meters are, then I will have to pay the original price. Documents in the apartment company did not give up "- outraged Arkady Zubkov.

And his neighbor Galina builders offered to pay for the extra 15 squares by 18.8 thousand UAH. "Can you imagine what is the amount? They made me a hallway at 20 square meters, I have even less living room ", - says Galina.

The company told us that the investors in the contract there is a point at which they are required after the final measurements of the apartment BTI pay incurred costs extra squares at the moment.

"The prices are different in the capital, is more expensive, there are cheaper," - according to the company. Another construction company foreman, Eugene Fastovets, adds:

"When people buy a house at the foundation level, the price was small, and when the house was built, the price has increased. The company itself determines the price of a square, depending on the status of the home (for example, it could be a club), location, materials used. "

Similar stories Kiev call us from other districts of Kiev and the near suburbs. And investors neighborhood on the street. Ponomarev, 26, pos. Kotsyubinskoe, which built in 2006, was arrested in general all documents on housing because the showdown between a developer and a bank lender. "The house is ready, and we can not dwell," - said from Kiev Anastasia B.

Real estate expert Jaroslav Tsukanov said that after the crisis construction companies profitable way to make money.

"They can, do, for example, due to excessive feet lodge. After all, the investor pays for it at a rate of 0.5. For example, a loggia 4 squares, and must pay 2 squares. And if it is glazed builders - place on the balcony cheapest windows - you'll have to pay is the full cost for all 4 squares "- says Tsukanov.

One expert's advice: do not sign the contract, which does not appear explicitly yardage or the amounts that need to pay extra for these meters.
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