Became known address of Kiev «Khrushchev,» which reconstructed

18.12.2010 13:23
Articles about real estate | Became known address of Kiev «Khrushchev,» which reconstructed The first is a reconstruction of the old prefabricated houses in the area of streets, Marshal Grechko, Ivan curls, as well as avenues of Friendship of Peoples and Lesia Ukrainka.
This was stated by the chief architect of Kiev Sergey Tselovalnik.

"The first thing to undertake a comprehensive reconstruction of the old quarters of a panel of the housing stock. This - quarter on the street. Marshal Grechko, block bounded by st. Ivan curls, boulevards Friendship and Lesia Ukrainka. For these urban neighborhoods are designed study of reconstruction. They determine the volumes of new housing construction, social infrastructure, modernization of engineering and transport networks ", - said the chief architect.

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At the same time he stressed that to date, the city has almost a thousand old prefabricated houses.

"Today, in 1959 houses the first mass series (438, 464, 480, 560 and others), including 931 stone house. The service life of their capital is 125 years old. The degree of wear (so far) exceeds 60%. If constructive resistance of houses there, then they meet modern demands of comfort and energy efficiency (especially resistance to heat transfer) absolutely does not meet current standards. Not to mention the state of engineering networks and systems ", - stressed Tselovalnik.

Moreover, according to his information, the population density in the neighborhoods of old industrial buildings up to 250 persons per hectare, while the average density for Kiev in the quarters of the new residential development reaches 450-550 people per hectare.

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