Be wise: learn how to save on building your own home

25.01.2019 00:00
Be wise: learn how to save on building your own home The low-floor residential housing market in Ukraine is one of the most stable areas of construction production in the last 15 years. Evidence of this is the data of the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine. So for the period of 2003 - 2018 g annually commissioning about 6, 0 million sq. M. such a home.  Actual volume of individual dwelling-house type, taking into account construction: without permits, reconstruction of the old fund of low-rise housing, demolition of old and erection of new houses in their city, is about 10 million square meters. (50,000 to 70,000 units, with an average floor area of ​​115-150 square meters). Thus, Ukrainian households annually invest in the construction of their own homes from 6 to 8 billion dollars. The USA (taking into account the cost of the land, external and internally manor engineering networks, the construction of a house with finishing, landscaping and fencing of the territory, registration of property rights for new buildings, while the low quality of design decisions, organization and construction, which in its in turn, lead to low technical, economic, and environmental operational parameters of new individual dwelling houses.

The concept of examination of project documentation, the quality of work and instrumental inspection of a new building, household construction, is almost absent.
The lack of awareness of private developers in the basic aspects of organization, management and operation parameters of modern low-rise buildings, as well as the dominant economic mode of building houses, leads to significant financial costs, the growth period of construction up to 3 -5 years and low energy efficiency of buildings.
The Scientific and Technical Center of the Academy of Construction of Ukraine, the consulting company "RealEkspo" and the portal January 23, 2019 launched a social-educational events (seminars, workshops, round tables) for private developers, developers and developers of cottage townships. and all participants in the process of low-rise construction.

The purpose of such measures is:
- acquaintance of the participants with the methodology of the Academy of construction of Ukraine on the organization and management of the construction of low-rise individual dwelling-houses of the manor type, in accordance with the world standards of multicompurity, environmental and energy efficiency with zero primary energy consumption;
- acquisition by participants of initial skills of performance of functions of the developer of innovative housing.
Such measures should lead to an increase in the number of completely autonomous modern buildings in Ukraine, without the cost of utilities.

Victor Kovalenko, the director of the suburban real estate portal, spoke at the free master class, which lasted more than 3 hours, with a report on the classification and types of the Ukrainian real estate market, and about the real state of the cottage construction, in particular, cottage towns near Kiev.

Academician of the Academy of Construction of Ukraine, Director of the Scientific and Technical Center of the Academy of Architecture of Ukraine Ivan Perehinets, said step-by-step about the latest world technologies and proper organization of the low-rise housing estate type, starting from the project and ending with the decoration of the future building.
Ivan Ivanovich answered the question: "what engineering systems should be used during construction?"; "How much energy will the building consume for heating, cooling and hot water?"; "what should be the design of the house".

At the end, visitors received a task, after which the successful ones received a certificate of mastering the course.

Attention! We plan to hold the next workshop on March 5th. So, we invite everyone. Keep track of the information and advertising on our site.

Victor Kovalenko
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