Basic tricks of swindlers in real estate transactions

03.03.2011 20:24
Articles about real estate | Basic tricks of swindlers in real estate transactions Construction has always been one of the most pressing areas of human activity since time immemorial people have sought to find first, and then build yourself a safe shelter.

Over time, the construction of housing has become a profession, and specialists in this field always valued very highly.

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Today's most popular flat from the builder-professional, that is a special company engaged in construction of residential houses in different cities, having the appropriate staffing of qualified employees, the technology and special equipment, wrote today.

Also in high demand buildings. However, it is very important, getting an apartment, do not fall for tricks scams done on unsuspecting buyers is very lucrative, albeit illegal, business, the scale of which we can say that he has already put on stream.

Save up to 30% is possible if the apartment from the developer purchased directly, without intermediaries, but there is a risk that you will come to fraudsters, who, having received a certain amount of the entire set of empty forms and stamps, municipal bodies, will issue you a fake contract and assured him through a dummy notary.

Also, there are cases when reselling the apartment from the developer, dishonest sellers make out a few copies of the documents in a residential area, which concluded, paradoxically, it is quite legitimate sales contracts. One of them officially registered person selling the buildings in Moscow, which receives the full amount that is owed, while the remaining buyers, during the proceedings, give the fraudsters advance, supposedly guaranteeing that they will become the new owners and cherished square meters.

It is important to make sure that the seller who offers to buy second homes or buildings in Moscow, actually owns it, and not a tenant or disposes of living area on the basis of power of attorney after the death of this master. In this case, the transaction will be found to be illegal, and get your money back would be very problematic.
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