Banks will not take away housing Ukrainians

21.07.2011 08:20
Articles about real estate | Banks will not take away housing Ukrainians The bill regarding the settlement of the legal relationship between borrowers and lenders in any case does not mean that banks will be able to evict debtors from their apartments.

This was during a press conference, said President of the Association of Ukrainian banks Alexander Sugonyako, reports From-UA.

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"Our legislation, which governs the relationship between lender and borrower, nominally protects the rights of the creditor, but it is only nominally. Until now, borrowers have no opportunity to service their debts. Our mission is to eliminate these problems, which limited the collateral, but we're not very advanced in this direction, "- said the expert.

Sugonyako calm, no one without a court has no right to select housing for people, and voted out the bill struck out the rate at which the resolution to the eviction attorney could sign. "No people will be evicted, even if this provision remains, I can assure you that no court can not do this. In addition, mortgage loans held only 10% of total loans, so such cases are very few, and I doubt that banks will do so "- concluded the expert. 
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