Banks will move to a floating rate mortgage loan in 2011

22.10.2010 12:36
Banks will move to a floating rate mortgage loan in 2011 This was stated by Director of Marketing Retail VAB Bank Anton Shaperenkov, writes reporter.

"Most of the banks provide loans at the expense of short-term resources, and, as a rule, deposits of natural persons. Their urgency has now grown to an average of seven months. With these resources, banks will be forced to become attached to a floating rate", - said the banker.

According Shaperenkova, several Ukrainian banks in September, lower interest rates on mortgage loans up to 17% annually in local currency. "Currently, there are already cases lowering the rate to 15%. However, this has no effect on the average market rate on the mortgage, which still exceeds 20% per annum. The credit rate on the mortgage at a rate of about 17% per annum in UAH mid-market may be starting the second and third quarters of next year, "- he said.

Assessment Shaperenkova, the end of this year, banks are likely to be able to maintain the volume of its mortgage portfolio, which was recorded at the beginning of the year.

According to the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Bank Platinum Yuri Blaschuk, aggregate mortgage portfolio of banks will decline in 2011.

"The combined portfolio of mortgages, I think, will fall in 2011 ... All will depend on the real estate market. In my view, the market will continue falling. And in a falling market, the mortgage will not develop, the purchase will be minimal ... I think that in 2011 will be the same fall in house prices, as in 2010 - he said.

Assessment Blaschuk, clearing banks' portfolios of distressed mortgage assets will quickly recover loans.

"The price of real estate is not never come back to that level, which was, therefore, banks need to agree to sell those assets ... The second issue - the creation of institutions that have bought back the assets, primarily unfinished objects, which are pledged for troubled mortgages , found investors who invest in them due to what will be raised their price, then these objects can be sold, "- says Blaschuk.

As previously reported, the recovery of the mortgage market in Ukraine, according to the first deputy chairman of Ukrinbank Svetlana Korchinsky probably no earlier than five years.

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