Banks raise mortgage rates

29.07.2008 00:00
Articles about real estate | Banks raise mortgage rates In early July, many Ukrainian banks have resorted to increasing rates of hryvnia loans. As it became known «i», related letters received clients Kreditprombank Energobank, Ukrgasbank, Privatbank, Aval, Pravex Bank and Universal Bank. The average rate increase amounted to 4-6%, but there were severe cases. In particular, Ukrsotsbank upped the ante on previous loans to buy land and half the cars - an average of 24%.
Raising rates banks argued the change NBU discount rate from 10% to 12% increase in the cost of resources in the interbank market (though, if on July 1 night hryvnia was quoted by banks to 13-25%, the last quotations were 3-8% .- "i" ). The customers of banks that have received such letters have much choice there. They can either accept the new rate or repay the entire debt to the bank.

Some bankers such a situation is considered dangerous. "Raising rates could lead to a sharp rise in defaults, particularly if the loan servicing is carried out at the edge of the", - chairman of the Board, Sberbank of Russia Vyacheslav Yutkin. He estimated that to sustain the rate increase by 30-40% can only borrower to the credit under a short-term speculative projects, in some cases repayment of the loan under new conditions can be extremely complicated.

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The banker suggests that a rate increase is the desire of some banks to get rid of borrowers who received the money at lower rates - by forcing them to either repay or refinance it with another bank. According to his estimates, expensive deposits (at a rate of up to 20% per annum) in bank liabilities, no more than 30-40%. This means that the effective cost of hryvnia liabilities for the banks does not exceed 14-15% per annum. "So I see in the current speculative attempt by some banks to make" - said Mr. Yutkin.

National Bank is not going to react. According to «i» a source in the NBU, the regulator will not take any steps to curb the appetites of financiers and respond to the excessive increase of credit rates. "The relationship between the bank and the borrower are governed by treaties. If excessively high interest rate on loans will stimulate the growth of bad debts, we will ensure that banks have formed an adequate amount of reserves. If this will bring them profit, they will pay taxes "- the official said.

In principle, the National Bank can understand. Information on growth rates should act a deterrent to individuals who wish to obtain a loan. In the face of growing current account deficit of balance of payments and consumer inflation, such counter-advertising plays into the hands of the NBU, seeking to reduce credit growth and monetization of the economy. Therefore, customers faced with rising rates on existing loans, it remains only rely on themselves and the lack of banking experience in trials at higher rates. At the same entities have a harder time than private borrowers, which protects the law on consumer protection.
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