Banks do not want to give out mortgages on vacation homes

09.05.2011 11:10
Articles about real estate | Banks do not want to give out mortgages on vacation homes Despite the growing interest in buying holiday homes, involving mortgages, banks offering such loans are not very willing, writes Kommersant-Money. "

As recalled by the publication, before the crisis, mortgage programs for the purchase of objects of-town market were practically at each bank. In a crisis, most of these programs has been collapsed. Now, as noted by participating real estate market, markedly increased interest in the town market of buyers who would like to use the borrowed money. And cheaper than the purchased house, the more willing to get a mortgage.

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According to the company "MIEL-Residential Real Estate" in the economy class of about 60% of buyers of home ownership claim on the loan, in business class - about 40%, in a class de luxe - about 15%.

However, despite the rising demand for mortgage loans at suburban sites, there are some problems that do not allow banks to enter the pre-crisis volumes and conditions in the mortgage segment of the countryside.

"Firstly, rural property is often overestimated, which was originally spotted by high costs, for the most part these homes have an individual plan, the banks have to more carefully evaluate the country-houses as objects of pledge.

Secondly, we have the opacity of the law relating to land use rights, constant innovations and revisions to the rules of registration of ownership of land and the house's previous owners mistakes in documenting suburban real estate.

Thirdly, there is no qualitative properties in the segment of economy class, and in this segment of potential customers could form the backbone of the borrowers on the country real estate "- explains the Deputy Head of Retail Business at Alfa Bank Ilya Zebari.

Thus, when trying to buy a country house in a mortgage borrower will face a modest offer from credit institutions. And, moreover, increased risk of forcing the banks to demand bigger down payment and establish an increased rate compared to loans to purchase flats in the secondary market. Minimum down payment on the loan can reach up to 40% of the value of the house, and the stakes are higher by 2-3%.

"Kommersant-Money" notes that much easier today to get money from banks, for example, secured an apartment, or even take an ordinary consumer credit, if the shortfall is small.

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