"Bad" places at home affect you

23.10.2010 19:31
Articles about real estate | "Bad" places at home affect you Sometimes, new home, which you so much dreaming, does not bring happiness. On the contrary, you feel uncomfortable at home, it is unknown where there are different ailments ... On why it happens, told an expert in the field of dowsing Vladimir Lubarsky.

"Many people are unaware of why they so often get sick ..."

- First, let's specify what constitutes a so-called geopathic zones ...

- In the words of the sage, not indifferent place, each area is unique on the properties of deep practical importance, but because one can only marvel naivety of people settling without any understanding of the immediate conditions of the place ... even in ancient times, people know that there is a good place, but there is "godforsaken" . Among the first people dragged on, tried to settle there, and the latter passed it by. Generally geopathogenic zones (GPZ) is called the anomalous parts of the earth surface, characterized in that in living organisms during long-term stay, there are various functional disorders, reducing the body's resistance ...

- And what has caused the existence of geopathic zones?

- In principle, a generic term that includes a combination of different factors that negatively affect all life: the intersection of underground water flows, taking place on different levels, the presence of deep faults of crystalline rocks of the crust, magnetic anomalies ...

- Why do these areas is so bad for us?

- Numerous studies conducted in different countries, suggest that the natural radiation in geopathogenic area can cause disorders in living organisms at the cellular level. On motorways, the presence of geopathic zones creates a higher accident rate because even a short stay in this environment, the driver cause he had a sudden stress and disorientation.

"Earth rays" are harmful not only to human health, they work on animals. Particularly sensitive to them dogs, horses, cows, pigs, and from birds - storks. Good feel in geopathic zones only bees, ants, mosquitoes and termites, and the animals - cats, moles, badgers, birds - the cuckoo, owls and magpies. That's what the proverb says: "Where will sit stork - it built the house where forty - dig a well."

- People are equally prone to unfavorable factors GEA?

- No. Propensity to disease depends on the susceptibility of the organism, individual to individual. However, many of Kiev and have no idea why they so often get sick ... Unfortunately, most people never heard of geopathic zones, which occupy a large part of the territory of Ukraine.
- At the beginning of our conversation you said that there are not only "godforsaken", but also a good place ...

- It's true. On the surface of the earth, there are three types of energy points. Being in a positive point, the person relaxes, replenishes the supply of energy, it clears the mind and feel better. Here it is relatively safe. These places have a health-improving effect. In the negative point is the opposite. A prolonged stay in a negative point leads to the depletion of energy reserves rights, adversely affects the mental and physical health.

The neutral zone is characterized by the fact that people here like to be removed from the world, being alone. Therefore, if you want to about anything to reflect that some serious thought, you need to find a place.

- And you can somehow defend themselves caught in a "death trap" site?

Hazard and geopathic zones are only for regular long stay in them, but this is usually the bed, working place, a favorite vacation spot, etc. And it does not matter what floor the apartment is located - the first or the twentieth, of what materials the house is built . For no brick or concrete do not weaken the harmful effects of the GEA. As for the neutralization of the GEA, you can use the pyramid.

- How to install in a good location is a concrete house?

- For centuries, people with special care chose three main places: for housing, for the church to the cemetery. Doing this well-informed people - lozohodtsy. Over time, the ancient ritual been forgotten, but in the cities and disappeared altogether, because of the lack of places where construction was carried out where necessary. So before you buy an apartment, cottage, land plot, it is desirable to carry out their dowsing survey. And get a precise answer as to where the house is located. You can also define and negative points in the home.

- As far as I understand, to avoid the adverse effects of geopathic zones, they should be avoided wherever possible ...

- You are absolutely right. First you need to identify these areas in your home. Then it will be possible to correctly position the workplace, bed ...

- And yet, if a person had no luck with housing, he should definitely look for another?

- Of course, this will be the best way out.

"More often walk to Vladimir's Hill ..."

- Kiev has long been a special city with a powerful energy. Your data confirm this?

- Indeed, Kiev has a very strong energy. And just across the city are scattered places "positive" and "negative", they are often located next door ...

- Can you name these places?

- Everyone knows about the Bald Mountain, which is considered a very unfavorable place. You can call a number of other places - Baikove cemetery, Babi Yar ... By the way, near Babi Yar, on the corner of O. Teligi Shchusev and often an accident occurs, so that motorists do not like the intersection of ...

But all the ancient Kievan churches are located in areas with strong positive energy. One of the most favorable places in Kiev are St. Sophia Cathedral Vladimirskaya Gorka. Say, a famous scientist Yakov Petrovich Gindes in their scientific work indicates that the monument to Prince Vladimir feels great positive energy, which is saturated scheno surroundings - air, trees, soil ... And man enough to stand there 25-30 minutes, as in It dramatically improves health, there has been a surge of strength.

Incidentally, Vladimirskaya Gorka is a sacred place with a pre-Christian times. In ancient times there were temples of pagan gods that our ancestors prayed, asking for health and luck. Then in place of the ancient temples there were Christian churches.

So, as you can see, even then biolocation actively used in practice.

- And now?

- We have experts in dowsing. However, at the state level, knowledge of the anomalous zones are not used. Therefore, being built kindergartens, hospitals, homes, roads are being built in inappropriate places. What is interesting in the capital earlier geophysical surveys were conducted GPP. True, a number of reasons they have remained inconclusive. Nevertheless, the Khoi-what information about the geopathic zones there. But these data are not interested in city government or developers, because existing regulations do not provide for compulsory biolocation research areas where it is planned to build, to see if there GPP.

- And how to be in this situation?

- Probably should be guided by the rule that the rescue of drowning - was the work themselves. People wishing to consult about the "good" and "bad" seats in the house or apartment, can turn to experts in dowsing, which will help to choose wisely housing, prompt, how best to plan your living space.
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