B. Gomernik: cost of green building - a myth

01.12.2010 10:51
B. Gomernik: cost of green building - a myth The question of how to keep residential property in the warmth, especially in countries with extreme climatic conditions have always stood. First, the problem was solved by means of fire in the fireplace, and later with the help of heat, but today in continuous increases in energy prices, it is particularly acute, and builders have come to realize that heat is needed to not only generate but also to preserve the building. On the benefits and methods of "green" or zhizneustoychivogo («sustainable») construction in Ukraine and abroad Building.ua said Wolfgang Gomernik, CEO of Delta Proektkonsalt Ukraine LLC.

Building.ua: What factors play a role in designing and constructing energy efficient buildings?

B. Gomernik: In this practice, the construction and operation of buildings, which aims to reduce energy consumption and material resources throughout the life cycle of the building on the significant role and site selection for the design, and the very process of construction, operation and maintenance fracture. Such construction is called "green» (Green construction, Green buildings), or "zhizneustoychivym» (sustainable).

Comprehensive approach begins with the selection of land - on the one hand, land should be chosen so as to thereby minimize destruction of the usefulness of the environment (already exploited land holdings, dense buildings, etc.), and with maximum efficiency and positive influence of use of environmental resources on selected land holdings.

This means that the benefit received plots of land with existing infrastructure, where you can use wind, water or sun; sites require minimal digging.

The second aspect - is the actual location of the building on the site - there should also try to maximize care of the environment and selected for building the best location in terms of the world, wind direction, etc.

For the concept of building the most important thing from the beginning involved in the project all participants, and further work together to find ideas for design - this conditioning specialists and architects, and specialists in utilities, and electrical engineering, and experts on statistics, and geology and etc. These are the professionals who work together with the help of simulation techniques to develop the most optimal form of the building, the concept of space, favorable location and the most energy-efficient building method. Only after an overall concept - the so-called integrated systems engineering - you can begin to design the building.

Building.ua: What are the main advantages of "green" building construction?

B. Gomernik: In addition to prudent use of resources due to their most effective selection and use, green building is also intended to maintain or improve the quality of buildings and the comfort of their internal environment. This practice has brought in a classical building design concepts such key concepts as the economy, utility, durability and comfort, thus determining the basis of an integrated approach to construction. The main advantage of this approach is to minimize the impact of construction on the environment and human health is achieved through the effective use of energy, water and other resources.

The advantage for Ukraine lies in the fact that "zhizneustoychivy" way of trying to build in the first place to the maximum cost of existing resources of the object - that minimizes the amount of purchased energy. Given the current Ukrainian dependence on Russian gas, the use of sustainable methods involve greater "energy independence" for the country. But the transition to energy-efficient way of building in Ukraine will benefit not only those that make the country less dependent on energy resources, but also will allow Ukraine to contribute to the improvement of growing with each passing day the global energy situation.

Building.ua: What are the cons of such technologies?

B. Gomernik: Actually, the view that energy efficiency or green building is extremely expensive, not true. When you create such a building is only slightly increase the cost of design, more modern methods of construction and energy-saving technologies - but here the main point - it does not use sophisticated techniques and methods of construction - much more important to create a building that receives from the environment with a maximum energy with minimal energy operation and minimal technical equipment. And the savings on equipment of the building funds may be invested in the best of facades, thermal insulation, solar installations, etc.

Building.ua: At what cost construction "zhizneustoychivogo" building?

Analysis of several investment projects in the West has shown that if early and consistently develop the concept of energy-efficient buildings, increased construction costs will be negligible. But it is by reducing consumption of resources, the cost of such building in the long term, are lower than the traditional.

Building.ua: How long has your company engaged in green building? (Management of energy efficient buildings?)

Sustainable or energy efficient building with its constant use completely changes the pre-existing practices / methods of design and construction of buildings. In principle, this trend appeared more than 20 years ago - with the first attempts to save energy by using improved thermal insulation of building elements (walls, windows, roofs, etc.).

We are on the Delta for decades implement functional and rational architecture. Our principle of integrated design, involving all the specialists of the project still in early stages of planning, can increase the level of the building without the introduction of expensive technologies.

Our principle of functional and zhizneustoychivoy architecture improves performance and comfort of building energy consumption through improved insulation, properly developed the concept of using natural light and artificial lighting, reducing the volume of the building, efficient use of space, the concept of proper ventilation heat recovery, compact construction, and other things that without additional costs can significantly improve the quality of the property.

Of our recent projects include adopted this fall in operating a kindergarten in the town of Wels (Austria), which used triple glazing and night ventilation device to create the most comfortable indoor climate, the school in Wiener Neustadt (Austria), the main characteristics of which - a high-quality thermal envelope of the building, management of natural daylight, high-quality facade systems, groundwater use for preheating and cooling of outdoor air, optimizing room acoustics.

Elena Kiseleva, www.building.ua
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