Azarov: Land for the first time back to peasants

22.06.2011 15:15
Articles about real estate | Azarov: Land for the first time back to peasants Land reform should return the present owner, the owner of the land. For the first time since 1917 the land de facto and de jure returned to peasants. This was stated by Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said in his opening remarks at the Cabinet meeting.

Azarov said that on Monday, 20 June, the government approved developed by the Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food Bill "On Land Market".

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Under this law, almost 7 million unit-holders of agricultural land will be entitled to sell their land. And all citizens of Ukraine, farms, and state will have the right to buy land. Together, the law defines the responsibility of the owner of the land. It's a national resource, a value which is determined not only of cash, according to "".

The Prime Minister noted that the inventory is completed the land, the issuance of acts, the distinction between arable land and communal property, a new, fair market value of land.

Second, it will be prohibited from excessive concentration of land in the same hands that will eliminate the monopoly and dictatorship of a possible alien peasants. Placed guard against speculative resale of land: he bought a field - to handle it. The efficiency of management, maintenance of soil fertility control state and society.

Third, land consolidation will not "break" the economy to a technologically feeble plots.

"The bill revolutionary, so its path to take rest only after thorough discussion with the community, through expert modeling of how to work the land market, how to avoid risks, how to monitor the effectiveness of managing owners" - said Azarov.

According to him, civilized land market - is the only way to select an effective owner and attract investment that will bring the Ukrainian agro-technology field success, which will provide all farmers a decent living.

Prime Minister charged the Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food to begin a professional communications campaign for land reform, properly consult with the community, with land owners, local authorities and communities.
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