Azarov: «Chaotic building of cities is not due to strengthening the role of the general plan of the city»

20.01.2011 19:31
Chaotic development of cities will not be due to strengthening the role of the master plan of the city. Told reporters, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, in accordance with the laws adopted by Parliament on the regulation of urban development, which strengthens the role of master plans for urban development.

"There is no chaotic development can not be, because the greatly enhanced role of the master plan. Introduced a number of important positions, which determine that the master plan will be developed taking into account the historical development of the city, and it is accordingly exclude any demolition of historic buildings and so on ", - said Mykola Azarov, commenting at the journalists' request concerns expressed by civil society organizations to adopt Parliament of the Act. He also stressed that the Act preserved the public debate, but in no case be allowed to under the guise of public debate stalled or stopped the construction needed for the city or the country's facilities.

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In kachestsve example, the prime minister brought the situation when the "so-called Podolsky bridge, which is buried in Rusanovskoye problem." "Tell me please, is it normal for 7 years so important to Kiev bridge is not constructed due to the fact that the interests of millions of Kiev collided with the interests of the 20 owners of these villas? Such examples can give a lot, so it's always the interests of certain people who are building this or that object may interfere, do not align with the interests of millions of people. Such a mechanism is incorporated in the new law. Therefore, Nika talk about reducing the role of the public does not go ", - said Mykola Azarov.

According to him, the government has already taken and intends to continue to take regulatory documents related to this law, thereby reducing the role of administrative factors in the decision-making, "and thus enhances the role of the public."

Recall that on January 13 the Verkhovna Rada (VR) has adopted a government bill on the regulation of urban development (reduction in building permit procedures) »(№ 7418 from December 2, 2010) providing for the simplification of licensing procedures for construction. For the adoption of the law voted 246 out of 398 deputies registered in the session hall of the parliament.

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