Authority may prohibit the construction of the dacha outside settlements

13.10.2010 21:24
Articles about real estate | Authority may prohibit the construction of the dacha outside settlements Regional Development of Russia has published a bill involving the de facto ban of individual housing (suburban), construction (IZHS) on agricultural lands and lands outside the boundaries of settlements.

Experts predict a new division of the market economy-family houses and waiting for the clear rules of the new "dacha amnesty" for the legalization of the already constructed individual houses in the fields, writes edition Kommersant.

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The bill requires the separation of sites by type, and the exclusion of residence in country houses outside settlements. For this site is proposed to divide into three types: the actual chalet, which can accommodate an individual dwelling house and farm buildings, garden - designed for growing fruits, berries, vegetables or other crops (which can be placed only Combining, not intended for human habitation ) garden - they are also not supposed to either stay the citizens nor the planting of fruit trees.

At the same plots, according to the idea of the Regional Development Ministry, "must be within the boundaries of settlements," and can not be located on agricultural lands. This means that for homes built on agricultural land, will not be able to obtain technical conditions for the accession of communication and recognition of their apartment.

Experts note that although the innovation of the Ministry of Regional Development was partly expected, the bill is an important omission: the absence of rigid rules "legalization" of already constructed objects IZHS on land not belonging to the land settlements.

According to some analysts, the new bill actually means the prohibition of individual housing construction economy class. However, experts do not rule out that the law can still change.
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