Authorities should complete land reform

16.10.2010 08:36
Articles about real estate | Authorities should complete land reform Delays in the completion of land reform in Ukraine has a negative impact on the entire agricultural industry of Ukraine.

This was stated by Eugene Korniychuk, leader of the Ukrainian Social Democratic Party during his visit to Vinnytsia, says Case.

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"Vinnytsia Oblast - agrarian in its territory, about 2 million hectares of agricultural land, so it's one of those who suffer most from delaying a decision on land reform," - said the politician.

According to the leader of the Ukrainian Social-Democratic Party, the government must immediately complete the land reform.

"We are confident that the land in Ukraine should belong to the community. This will encourage small and medium businesses and farmers will return Ukrainian leadership in the global market" - said Korniychuk.

The politician added: "The low prices forced farmers to abandon the sale of its products in anticipation of more affordable prices. In turn, this leads to the fact that farmers can not repay the bank loans in a timely manner. That is a vicious circle that can only break completion of land reform. "
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