Authorities are trying to protect the coastal area from developers

20.06.2011 17:00
Articles about real estate | Authorities are trying to protect the coastal area from developers At the last session in June Yalta deputies approved the boundaries of the coastal protection and beach areas within the city.

Limits to developers was chetyrehkilometrovaya strip along the sea, the width of which on different sections ranging from 20 to 60 m, writes Business Capital.

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Since the beginning of this year, the Law "On Amendments to the Water and Land Codes of Ukraine", according to which prohibited the construction of coastal protection strips along the seas, bays and estuaries at a distance of not less than two kilometers from the water. An exception is made only for military and defense installations, wind, solar and wave power stations, power lines, hydraulic, hydrometric, and linear structures, as well as summer camps and therapeutic facilities (subject to mandatory connection to piped water and sewerage). An even more severe restriction of economic activities introduced in the 100-meter beach area that do not allow the construction of any facilities (except hydraulic, hydrometric, and linear structures).

But as it turned out even during last year's inspection beaches of the Crimea, there is no permanent structures on the beach only resort village at Feodosiya. In other localities the requirements of the Water and Land Codes are not met. Therefore, the authorities in Yalta in January decided to bring order to the bank entrusted to them and a moratorium on the transfer of ownership or lease of land plots located in the two-kilometer zone from the sea.

"We had to suspend the allocation of plots on almost the entire territory of Yalta to the approval of projects on land delineation of coastal protection and beach bars" - said the "DS" Yalta City Council member, General Director, "Crimean Institute of Ecology and Design" Ivan Shevchuk. It is this institution by order of the municipal enterprise "Plant Improvement" developed land use documentation taking into account the already existing buildings, as well as earlier decisions of the local council on the challenge of allotments.

As a result, the size of the protective coastal strip and the beaches were much smaller than expected. "According to the Water Code in the coastal settlements guard band is set taking into account the prevailing conditions. As it turned out, in Yalta for four kilometers along the sea, the width of unimproved land at an average of 35 meters, with a wide plot - it's 60 meters, very narrow - 20 meters ", - said Mr. Shevchuk.

In the near future officially established the boundaries of the coastal zone will be included in the master plan of Greater Yalta. The municipality claim that existing capital facilities at 100 meters from the water do not plan to demolish the condition that their owners have all the permitting documents for land and located on her property.

Themselves in informal conversations developers say that if you want and have the right connections can get around the limitations. For example, in Yalta by the sea erect high-rise luxury homes, processing them as recreational facilities, and then sell the apartment under the guise of "holiday apartments". And businessmen who want to have the holiday catering services can elevate riverbank, say, a retaining wall with built-in and attached to her restaurant.
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