Auspicious symbols of Feng Shui 2010

20.11.2010 00:07
Articles about real estate | Auspicious symbols of Feng Shui 2010 In this issue of the day off - the answers to questions about what should be the symbols of Feng Shui your home or office in 2010.

In Feng Shui, there are several powerful symbols that perform three different but very important functions:

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· Protection

· Treatment of bad energy and the actions of malicious "wandering stars"

· Activation favorable energy and attract good luck and prosperity.

If you are present, all three character types, it helps to not only protect yourself, your business, your home or office from the losses and hostile forces, but also filled with a supportive, attracting good luck, prosperity and other benefits, and energy.

To create the most successful Feng Shui, always use the symbols:

· Always hang (the walls), "singing bell" with six metal tubes. They are - an effective tool to combat the influence of malicious "wandering stars" "Five Yellow". Take care in what sector becomes "yellow five" this year and to the same outweigh your "singing bell".

· Keep in home or office a large capacity for water. This is a very effective remedy against the aggressive and annoying stars neighbors and competitors that make your life miserable. And that means attracting prosperity, wealth.

· Keep in home or office a couple of dogs Fu as a protective symbol. Put them statues on both sides of the front door, it's better outside.

· Put yourself in netsuke (a figure, statue), or the Laughing Buddha image, which symbolizes happiness.

Place the statuette · turtles in the back of the house or office - it symbolizes the chi (energy) of longevity at home.

• Ensure that you have at least one character in each room. This can be threelegged toad, "jump" into the room, or "swam" in the room sailboat, loaded with gold bullion.

These and other symbols of Feng Shui and their effects, see the following publications under the heading "Feng Shui" Aletheia site throughout the year. The next time I'll talk about the symbol "threelegged toad."

Prosperity and harmony to you in your life!
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