Aunt Tymoshenko: Zhenya house Concha Lakeland. But the land on the nominees do not

22.02.2011 09:37
It seems that misfortunes never come alone. Lady Yu cost of losing the premiership and become a frequenter Prosecutor's Office, as the problems and fell on her daughter, Zhenya. How to write an internet site "Explorer", y Eugenia Timoshenko taken away from under the noses of 2,5 hectares of land and real estate.

Land allegedly been broken into sections, located in the village Concha-headed, 27-a (Kiev region). And was made in front of persons among whom a certain Vladimir Kalyuzhny and even cousin Tymoshenko - the daughter of her aunt, Antonina Ulyahinoy Tatyana Sharapova.

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This Kalyuzhny conducted by BTI part of structures and thus "stole" land from Tymoshenko. This fact emerged when the family tried to legalize their property - that allegedly engaged in ex-prime minister's assistant Olga Tregubova. And now, Julia asked her People's Deputy, and fellow countryman Garegin Arutyunov (known land-construction businessman) that Kalyuzhny find - the one supposedly does not get in touch.

True, in a conversation with "Today" and an aunt, and assistant, and the People's Deputy to participate in this story denied. "Zhenya nothing can be formalized in the figureheads. Concha-headed, 27-a - it is really her house. But there is no 2,5 hectares of land there. Name Kalyuzhny never heard of, but my daughter does have a small plot of land in Koncha Zaspa, but no frontman, it is not, "- told us Antonin Ulyahina.

"This is a delusion, which two and a half hectare of land? I do not know. Even comment on it I will not! "- Cut Tregubova. "Karekin Arutyunov has this story in no way affiliated and never heard nothing about it" - has assured us assistant People's Deputy Suzanne Kalendzhyan.

Concho-LAKE. Cottage town Concha-headed is located 30 km from Kiev. And the entire village takes up less than 2.5 ha. Once it had been "writers problem." The village was inhabited by Baby, Bajan, Potter. And the last five years they were joined by neighbors - Jack and Sean Carr.

"Yes, it is rumored that next to me site is owned by Eugenia Tymoshenko - told us the famous writer Yuri Mushketik, who lives in Lakeland Concha. - But I'm with her family has never met. Just show me one woman and said, they say, is Yevgeniy Timoshenko. I can say - it can not be 2,5 hectares of land, a maximum of 40 ares (0.4 ha). But what they have on the site - I do not know they have a high fence. I saw them infrequently. And earlier this plot belonged to the late Dmytro Bilous (poet and fabulist. - Auth.). After his death in 2004 his wife sold the land. "

Before the crisis, the house is 350 square meters. m. on 24 acres of land immediately asked for a $ 3 million! Today the house in the 250 "squares" and 12 hectare want $ 950,000 and are willing to bargain. Station, where, according to neighbors, lives Eugene, surrounded by high fences and around the perimeter of the installed cameras. House - a two-storey, brown with white lines /
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