At what time of year is best to buy and sell property?

21.05.2012 09:00
Articles about real estate | At what time of year is best to buy and sell property? The fact that property prices are subject to seasonal fluctuations, can be heard quite often. There is even a calendar Number of residential real estate. Let's try to figure out what time of year profitable to sell the apartment, and when - to buy.

According to experts, at the very beginning of the year the real estate market do nothing - no new proposals from the vendors there. However, the demand at this time is also small.

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In late January, the proposal begins to increase. Along with the increase in the supply increases and demand. By the end of February, demand begins to outstrip supply, and prices are beginning to rise.

According to analysts, is characterized by February stable market situation and the planned increase in the number of transactions.

Traditionally, the beginning of the year demand economy-class objects.


In March, spring begins recovery. The number of apartment transactions without finishing. This is due to the fact that customers prefer to complete all the legal issues in the summer and begin repairs.

In April, there are requests for more expensive items.

At the end of April - May, an increasing number of alternative transactions. So, for example, families with children who have financial resources, seek to improve their living conditions.

Such a revival due to the fact that parents are trying to solve the housing problem in the summer, so children can start school year at a new school.

In turn, real estate buyers seek to complete all transactions before the May holidays.


June and July, experts call time "non-urgent" purchases when buying real estate, those who are not tied to strict deadlines and therefore is in a hurry.

Due to the small number of buyers in the summer sellers are more willing to bargain. This is probably the best time of year for the purchase of apartments: prices are down, sellers are willing to bargain, the proposal is large and there are plenty to choose from.

Many buyers who choose to buy an apartment in this time of year, do it "for children", the children went to school, kindergarten, institute (well, who has what kids) from the new apartment.

In August, the demand begins to outstrip supply - come on the market are those who fear the traditional autumn price increase, and tries to have time to buy property for the cost of the summer. And from mid-August prices again begin to rise slowly.


In the autumn restored strong demand begins to take more transactions, increase the number of objects for sale, and prices rise. Once again, an increasing number of alternative transactions.

The peak price is approximately the end of October - mid November. This is probably the best time of year for sales of urban residential property.

In mid-November, the demand starts to decline. This increases the number of transactions in the expensive segment, due to a desire to resolve all issues in real estate before the winter holidays.

Well, in early December, buyers realize that until the New Year did not have time to buy a (so that the New Year meet in the new apartment), and lay flat on the issue next year.

General recommendations for the purchase and sale of housing

Purchase and sale of the apartments have a lot of common steps. This is the definition of competitive pricing, and registration documents and the method of transfer and receipt of money. But the very first stage - the collection of information.

And buying and selling apartments begins with the collection of information - is necessary to determine the level of house prices, to determine the trend existing at the time of the real estate market: the growth of prices for apartments suitable one course of action, in a recession or stagnation - is different.

Necessary to determine the presence of competitive offerings in the selected area (for the buyer is an area desired location apartment, the seller - the area of ​​finding an apartment).

It is also recommended to contact the other sellers of apartments - of course, as a potential buyer, even if you're really going to sell an apartment rather than buy.

Buying and selling of apartments can be carried out independently. But we must understand that it is quite complicated, nervous and even dangerous work that requires specific knowledge and skills. It is therefore desirable to attract real estate professionals. It is not necessary to do so from the beginning. At least, with the price level could and should decide on their own.

If you want, and the presence of a specific skill you can even find a suitable option: apartment, in the case of purchase or the buyer in the event of a sale.

But here's registration of the transaction and the transfer of money over a very, very desirable to produce with the help of professionals.

Buyer apartments also can not refuse to verify the legal purity of the apartment - a moment of critical and very important.

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