At Vinnitsa «Rublyovka» settled homeless

30.05.2011 15:46
Articles about real estate | At Vinnitsa «Rublyovka» settled homeless "Summer residence" homeless, organized in the ruins of private houses

And this is one of the most prestigious areas of Vinnitsa. Next - Rich mansions alley Lena events. It lies close to the elite neighborhood "Podolia". And it is here, behind the house on Zabolotny, 6 Vinnytsia bums have treated themselves to "summer residence".

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Wet blankets, rags, bedding and a piece of fur in a circle for a large sun beds on the ground. This is obviously a bedroom. A little further away - the marks of fire. Near empty cardboard box with bottles of cheap wine, packages, wrappers from chocolates.
Cigarette butts are separated. In another corner of the "residence" - slide cans from the coffee. In all this mess - the newspaper of the unsolved puzzles. At the entrance to the "bedroom" on a branch of a bush residents built a real charm, even in cellophane, the rain did not spoil.

Gatherings are homeless continues more than a year, says a resident of a neighboring house. The balconies of nearby homes can be seen all at a glance ... Sometimes a "residence" does not come poor young people, sharing a bottle of liquor.
- People are feasting, but every day I do not sleep, can only lie down for the day - say the residents of apartment buildings. - Homeless behave quietly. Only you can sometimes hear a peep-cry.

- I'm familiar with the former owner of a ruined house - it settled out and gave the apartment - said Lyubov Petrovna, who lives in an apartment high-rises on the third entrance Zabolotny. - She felt sorry for the earth, so the former owner sometimes fumbled in the garden: digging, even plant potatoes. But the earth is already she did not belong.

Lyubov Petrovna recalls that when the ruins was a fire - she had to call the emergency services. But the blame for what is chosen by the ruins of the homeless, residents of apartment buildings are divided equally.

- There are going to different people when we created the garbage, throwing debris from the balcony at an abandoned house - the neighbors say. - It would be nice to get together and clean up - make a child or playground.

In the enterprise private enterprise "resident" that serves the high-rises, "a neighbor, said that keeping the issue under special control. According to chief engineer Andrey Goncharuk, recently examined the problem area with the relevant services, wrote letters. There's also learned that for the land under the destroyed house is liable street committee. Adjacent area "skyscraper" to the ruins is removed completely, and before the facade of the house - a model clean the yard.

Committee Chairman George Street Didur also repeatedly raised the issue of improvement of this site. He reaffirmed the willingness to cooperate in settling the territory with ZhEKom. According to him, it is important to clarify the legal aspects, for example, can not be solved if the land issue in the courts of this site or something else.

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