At the town market reduced demand and falling prices

17.11.2010 07:55
Articles about real estate | At the town market reduced demand and falling prices Number of applications for selection of objects of suburban real estate has declined relative to September by 20%. The main decline came at the end of October. Vesco Group analysts say that demand reduction is unusual for this season, when purchasing activity increased after the summer lull.

The traditional autumn revival closed transactions in November and December, as many of the psychological reasons they want to close the transaction before the end of the year. In this regard, experts in the short term, expect an increase in demand and increased buyers in the market.

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In October, an increase in the volume of new supply, as in a segment of plots without a contract, and among the upscale villa communities. It may be noted in the announcement of sales of luxury cottage at 163 Madison Park home ownership from a company Villago Estate.

A slight decline in prices, including through the movements of the dollar. Decrease in land value due to the emergence of new low-cost projects, holiday villages, for example, "Tiliktinskie problem", "Cech Compound-2," "Sunny Hill", "Meadow", etc. In addition, in October, made a number of large transactions - in several expensive cottage communities realized the most liquid objects (in particular, "Riverside", "Forest Stream-4", "Knyazhye Lake).

In October, the cost of suburban real estate in the primary market accounted for objects Economy Class - $ 1,540 per sq ft, the business class - $ 2,941 per sq ft, the elite class - $ 4,658. Average cost of land without a contract for construction has dropped to $ 7,911 for a hundred.
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