At the suburban real estate market had a breakthrough

09.09.2010 10:52
At the suburban real estate market had a breakthrough Announced on Monday, September 6 rally cottage "Greenwood" "will return 50% of the cost" caused a real stir in the suburban real estate market. Some call it another scam, some - just in case "if it's true - go to watch at home ... not indifferent. After all, buying a house with land in Koncha Zaspa in 200 squares up to 2 mln. In 10 years will receive a refund from the builder to 1 mln.

Unfortunately, the situation in the market of cottage building is the same as on the residential or commercial property, because due to the crisis, many contractors have suspended construction. Therefore, currently active construction country cottage cities conducted in very small quantities. Many companies have not started to build facilities, others - did not have time before the crisis, enter the facility.

In the Kiev region "frozen" are about 30 cottage townships. Because of this unfortunate situation, buyers are choosing or finished objects, or those that are actively being implemented projects.

Analysts believe that the cost of houses in prestigious campuses will only grow. This year's growth could be as high as 10-15%. According to their forecasts, in economy class will remain popular small cottages with lots of 10-15 acres, worth from 150 to 200 thousand dollars.

Completely new for Ukrainian real estate market purchase scheme offers a developer «PRIME CAPITAL GROUP», which builds in Koncha Zaspa cottage «Green Wood Club» (пгт. Kozin, Novoobuhovskaya highway). Buyers pay 100% of the purchase, promise 10 years to return 50% of the cost. The site of the town stated that the cost per square meter house with a plot of 8.12 hectare is 10 ths. This is the average market price according to experts.

So, buying a house in 200 squares (just to avoid paying property tax to be introduced by the new tax code) you pay 2 mln. immediately, but after 10 years you will return 1 mln.

Believe the developer or not, to decide, of course, the buyers, but in view of market experts herself proposed scheme can make a breakthrough in suburban real estate market, as wanting to make a profitable investment at market price, even despite the crisis, there are many. And if the developer and 10 years to perform the obligations, then generally you can make an incredibly profitable investment. By the way, the developer of unconfirmed reports part of a large financial-industrial group "Olympus" (the main business groups - the production of alcoholic beverages, known industrial park "robin" in the Kharkov region. Just a group of companies "OLIMP "relevant housing complex" Chaika "is located in Zhitomir highway, which, incidentally, only in the midst of the crisis has passed 3 houses in operation All the projects of the bank lends to Ukrainian Financial World A controls all that stuff MP from the Party of Regions - Paul Klimets, who even found a site on the Internet So if you cheated after 10 years there, who make a claim.
Svetlana Rovenko
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