At the suburban real estate buyers not

04.01.2011 14:30
Articles about real estate | At the suburban real estate buyers not Last November, a decrease in demand, uncharacteristic for the autumn period. For increased customer loyalty and revive demand for New Year's Eve developers announce additional discounts and bonuses. Thus, lowering the cost of veiled suggestions in some projects reaches 20%. A number of players come up with other moves, for example, offer a gift to one hundred square meters of land or garden tools. The average discount rate of 7.10%. After the new year can significantly reduce the cost base and suburban sites.

Plots without a contract for the month fell 0.6%

If we talk about numbers, then in early November, the weaving of land without a building contract was estimated, on average, $ 7,911, while the end of November - $ 7,863. Thus, correction for November was -0.6%. These data are presented in the report of the analytical center Vesco Consulting.

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According to this same report in November on the suburban real estate market sales were organized in 477 villages, which is 6,7% more compared to same period in 2009, while the market for sale were 445 settlements.

Nevertheless, in November were characterized by low volume of new supply. For example, only 4 villages were discovered selling, two of which are located west of Moscow, and two - to the south and east, respectively. Then in October the market was announced just 15 new projects, while 10 of them focused on Novorizhskoye highway. This trend confirms the continuation of the leaders Novorizhskoe trend among developers of suburban real estate market of Moscow region.

The main trends of the past month has become unpredictable decline in consumer demand, in contrast to the early autumn period, when it was recorded a seasonal surge in buyer activity. The main decline came at the end of November - the interest of buyers in this period declined by approximately 10% compared to the beginning of the month.

Typically, November and December are very active for months, now is the reverse situation, explained our publication Konstantin Romanov - the commercial director of Vesco Group. After the crisis, seasonal factor has shifted and has a new character. At the suburban real estate market there is no understanding the reasons why the customer demand, as external news background is now positive - the currency market is stable, oil prices are also showing robust performance, banks reduce mortgage rates. One can only assume that the initial wave of buying after the crisis was resolved, while the second had not yet formed. There is a lack of effective demand - lack of buyers, who managed to earn after the crisis. For the formation of growth requires a stable economic situation. During the crisis, many support the business, while the need to acquire a country object, as additional real estate left by the wayside.

"Suburban real estate market needs a new impetus. It's like a stove, sink, to keep the fire needs new wood, - said Konstantin Romanov, commercial director of Vesco Group. - In general is very interesting to watch the market situation. We are witnessing a historic moment - the formation of a new round of development of suburban real estate market. Developers are beginning to generate new ideas, new projects and new concepts - says Konstantin Romanov, commercial director of Vesco Group ".

Nevertheless, the development and further growth of suburban real estate market can be expected no earlier than mid-February, in connection with the New Year holidays and as a consequence, the factor of the holiday season.
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