At the Kiev area again thriving deriban land

03.09.2010 21:35
Articles about real estate | At the Kiev area again thriving deriban land Member of city council Brovary Dmitry Ratnikov made a statement that the current temporary leadership of the city is actively involved in land speculation.

According to him, the process involved in acting Mayor Igor boots, head of the BYuT faction Igor Troshchenko, head of the Land Commission of the City Council Sergei Piddubnyak, as well as Deputy Mayor for the construction of Vladimir Rudenko, reported more.

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As stated by Dmitry Ratnikov, at the last session of the City Council Brovary 8 nominees (most of whom are not even residents of Brovary) was divided and placed under the building about 14 hectares of agricultural land.

The market value of these sites can reach five million dollars. At the same time, according to the deputy, the ordinary citizens who stand in line to the ground, the city authorities refused his right to the law 10 hectare, under the pretext of lack of free sites.

In another case, the decision of the City Council, from 90 plots of 10 hectare Brovary residents received only 10%, ie 9 sections. Others have departed residents of Kiev, Obukhov, Chernigov and even Ivano-Frankivsk region.

However, according to Dmitry Ratnikova, despite his repeated appeals, the city prosecutor's office has taken no action, as if not noticing signs of corruption.

"When the head of the largest faction of the local council is both the biggest businessman-developer of the city, and for several years became the largest landowner in the city - unless there are no signs of corruption?" - Said the deputy.

The request to give a legal assessment of that precedent Dmitry Ratnikov already appealed to the deputy's request to the Prosecutor General.
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