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08.02.2011 07:52
Articles about real estate | At the cottage as a home Do I need a cottage own zoo or track for karting? The crisis is over, but on a suburban market, still reigns "infrastructure minimalism" - even in the most expensive complexes sometimes is the most basic facilities. Should I expect a change in the situation in the near future?

Life without amenities

"In a crisis, many investors have chosen to truncate the infrastructure, reduce the cost of projects, - says Igor Sergievsky, an analyst at Veles Capital Development". - Many refused even to strip the central communications to the site, from the creation of playgrounds, the normal entry groups. Now there is another rise, linked to the crisis and the increasing demands of buyers. But do not think that the changes are global. Most developers tend to self-sustaining infrastructure and provide the bare minimum. " Thus, almost all complexes of townhouses (according to experts, 80-90%) did not have its own leisure facilities. They are almost there and in the middle belt of settlements (more than 30 km from Moscow). Buyers of houses in the far field and try to save the "fun" look at the last turn.

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But even far from Moscow, the most popular roads infrastructure is small, experts believe. Maximum equipped Rublevskoe and Novorizhskoe highway. There are also private schools and yacht clubs, and shopping complexes. Nevertheless, even the most secured areas in this sense can not be compared with Moscow. "In the New Riga is not enough grocery stores, cheap entertainment centers, cinemas, beauty salons, hair salons, dry cleaners, - said Evgeny Shevchenko, Director of Sales of the village of" Little Italy ". - Infrastructure consumer preferences still being formed, with joint efforts of developers and customers. People who have bought property on this road over the past three years, move into the house. Appears real, not hypothetical demand for domestic and commercial properties. Besides, now the New Riga (traditional area of business class) start zapolonyat ekonomklienty who bought plots without a contract in the Betonka further. They need more affordable products and services that are out there yet in short supply. "

For and against

Suburban projects with high-grade internal infrastructure in the suburbs more than two or three dozen, sure Petr Kirillov, marketing director of the village "Velich. In a crisis, such complexes do not enter the market, dominated by the proposal without a contract and economy, for which the consumer "convenience" are optional. True, the experts note an interesting pattern. If the premium segment (traditionally providing for extensive infrastructure), we see a tendency to reduce the number of additional services, the ekonomkategorii the contrary, to expand. Although the original service and entertainment in the low-cost settlements virtually do not occur, but such items as security, guest parking, sports and children's playground are mandatory regardless of the value of homes, experts told the company "Terra Real Estate".

At the same time, the developer of the elite project "Lion", where houses cost $ 1.3 million, chose to do a minimal set. "This is a complex of chamber size, so we restricted ourselves to the playground, PPC, guest parking and small rooms for essential facilities (pharmacy, dry cleaning) - explains Louise Ulanovskii, head of marketing and sales of the village of Lyon (OOO Gazprombank-Invest "). - In this case the content is not a burden on the residents, with a rich infrastructure of Rublyovka is in their possession. "

Build or Claus

There is no universal recipe, it all depends on many factors (the magnitude of the complex, class, direction, distance from major highways, the environment, target audience). Much depends on the purpose of the project. Large settlements for permanent residence require an integrated approach to development, noted in "Summer Project". This implies the existence of extensive social, cultural and trade infrastructure. Summer Season settlement is sufficient landscaped area and basic communications. In the interest of developers tend to use the maximum external, already existing objects in the neighboring cottage complexes or towns. By placing your next project with a major trade or a sports center, the developer at no additional cost increases its attractiveness.

"We are very lucky - glad EV Shevchenko. - "Little Italy" - village club, and we could not afford the extensive infrastructure. But in the nearby "Pavlova" developer (a company OPIN) and built a kindergarten and a private school, and other objects to which our customers have free access. I think the future of such complexes as "Paul's Yard, advanced, open to all comers infrastructure, which is a separate rental business and is constructed, based on the audience surrounding villages. Unfortunately, many developers are afraid of cooperation with competitors, though it promises great benefits to all parties. Ideally, the owners of land in one area could meet and develop a unified infrastructure strategy. I'm sure it would be very helpful in terms of creating a comfortable and balanced environment for future residents. "

Unprofitable chips

Before the crisis, suburban developers are often trying to impress customers with unusual solutions. Among the most interesting experts as concert halls in Barvikha Luxury Village and "Pavlov Compound, dancing saloons on the ruble, and artificial feeds in" Millennium, "the zoo" Princes Lake. However, along with a successful and profitable discoveries occurred misfires. "So, the company Reakart, build go-kart on the 1 st km Rublevki, was forced to close it - gives the example of E. Shevchenko. - The route for the remote controlled cars in the village in 2071 "was positioned as schtick, but caused more noise among journalists than the real interest of buyers. In recent years, projects with well-developed infrastructure and the original does not appear on the market. But we are confident that the situation is changing, and hold themselves in readiness several major new facilities. While it is a commercial secret. "

For the current suburban developers and social entertainment infrastructure - is still an optional item that can either be a profitable business (for self-supporting facilities), or the instrument, increasing prices and class. "If you want to save, the infrastructure is usually minimal or non-existent - explains Sergius IV. - If you want to raise the price or klassnost, the village is filled with a variety of services. " As can be seen on the needs and comfort of buyers developers think as a last resort. Partly to blame consumers themselves, who are either looking solely at cost (economy class), or critically examine the quality of houses, layout, etc., but almost no interest in the presence and level of infrastructure. Why clients as "indiscriminate" and what objects are actually needed for a comfortable life for the city? Talk about this another time.
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