At Southshore property of economy class is not being built. And do not be built

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Articles about real estate | At Southshore property of economy class is not being built. And do not be built Compared with last year property prices in the Crimea grew on average by 30%, both at the primary and the secondary market. Resort real estate since April last year and April this has risen by an average of 42%.
The leaders of the Southern coast of Crimea, which is hard to catch up with the price level of resort towns east and west coasts. True, in these regions remains high demand for second homes, while on the South Coast buyers prefer new buildings.

Villages hit record

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In Yalta, the year the cost of housing in the downtown and waterfront area has increased by 23% in the adjacent neighborhoods to the center by 15% in remote areas, including Livadia and Massandra by 38,5%, says the director of real estate agency firm "CTD Center Victor Mazurin. Although not the Yalta properties gave high growth rates, and located in the South Coast towns. The leaders turned Koreiz, where the cost per square meter per year increased by 61,9%, in second place Simeiz - by 54,5%, the top three and close the Alupka Foros, where real estate has increased in price by 50%. In Gaspra housing has risen in price over the year by 45,4%, in Gurzuf at 42,8%, in Mishor by 41,6% to 38,4% of Nikita. As a result, it is estimated AN Firm STD Centre, on 1 April 2008 the average cost of 1 sq. km. m in the center of Yalta and on the embankment was 3.2 thousand USD, in the surrounding area - 2,7 thousand USD, remote districts in Yalta, Livadia, Massandra, Alupka, Nikita - 1,8 thousand in . e, Simeiz, Mishor, Koreiz - 1,7 thousand USD, Gaspra - 1,6 thousand USD, in Gurzuf - 2 thousand cu Foros - 2,4 thousand cu

The rapid increase in the townships SCC experts note since 2003, even though property in the South Coast cities traditionally high demand. However, the main argument in favor of settlements - the lower price, let alone real estate economy class is in high demand regardless of the location of the object.

Exclusive in the center

Specialists in one voice saying that high prices do not limit, moreover, they have no preconditions for a decline, in contrast to other regions of the country. In Crimea, land for construction of new facilities in recreational regions every year is getting smaller, and in the resort town of weaving each account. As leaders in the number of commissioned new buildings today entered Yalta (in 2006 it took only 5 place in the Crimea). In the past year in Greater Yalta erected or projected more than 61 multi-storey facility, construction works were carried out at 30 sites. Directly in the city were built over 30 residential properties with a floor area of ??over 160 thousand square meters. m. in 2008 to begin construction of more than 10 objects. Most of the houses under construction is planned to be commissioned during 2008 - 2009 years, ie in the next year or two in Yalta will be put into operation to 100 thousand square meters. m of living space. And in the next three to four years planned to build more than 20 homes. That is, until 2020 the city will have about 60 dwellings.

"Today in Yalta on sale for more than twenty objects. A few more buildings are being built, but sales have not started yet - says a leading expert on real estate Crimean construction company SoyuzStroyTehnologiya Valery Petrusevich. - The main reason - the lack of permits for construction. In addition, some of the objects sold to date is not sold or an apartment. Very often the reason for this is the wrong positioning of the object: in Yalta, many complexes, which can be counted among the economy class, positioned as a luxury that allows builders to inflate prices. But can it be attributed to such a high level, such as home, located 5 km from the sea or in the immediate vicinity of the busiest streets? This is an attempt to maximize profits with minimal investments ", - the expert explains.

According to the information in February 2008, the average cost per square meter in new premium in Yalta was set at $ 3 thousand per square meter. In this part of the construction companies seeking to establish a price at the initial stage of construction, but from the beginning of construction until its completion the cost rises to 2 - 2,5 times. Of course, to sell apartments by initially overpriced is not easy even with an active campaign. As a result, at Yalta about 7 commissioned complexes are waiting for customers.

Depends largely on the price and the location of the object. Realizing that most quickly be realized objects located in the central part of town, near the sea, but away from the busy streets, some construction companies seek to maximize money. Such facilities today in Yalta about 6. In this case, three of them, prices start from $ 5 thousand for the quarter. m and reach $ 17 thousand, and their area of ??100 square meters. m

In this case, at the Yalta property market there is an acute shortage of economy-class housing. It is doubtful whether the demand will ever be satisfied. As they say the builders, the economy class will not be built in the near future due to the City Council imposed restrictions on number of floors for new buildings in the city center. This makes, first, unique in its kind being built now at home, and secondly, economically wrong to use precious land in the central part under the economy class, because in the long term need to build exclusively on the outskirts of the city. The result of this growth - the cost of square meters. "Housing, which used to cost $ 1,5 - $ 1,8 thousand, now would be from $ 2 thousand, because they are closer to the sea, new building permits to receive it is impossible", - explained Valeriy Petrusevich.

However, can still be found in the spa capital and cost of an apartment Yalta's standards, and in new buildings. True, have to work hard, because "stale" for any reason goods are advertised with such zeal, as luxury apartments.

A similar situation Yalta and Alushta. The list of proposals dominated elite housing, price per square meter of which varies from 2,5 thousand have. , up to 3,5 thousand have. , on the stage of a project or start of construction work that makes great footage of the purchase amount only to lift a client software.

Not stopping at the

One of the most active of built Crimean cities of Sevastopol today can be considered. According to the company "Market Crimea, the city is under construction for more than 60 construction sites. And in the first place, this residential property.

The pace of construction of primary residential real estate in Sebastopol grow from year to year. If in 2006 was commissioned 104.3 thousand square meters. m, and the year before only 94 thousand square meters. m, then in 2007 was built around 118 thousand square meters. m. However, as in Yalta and Alushta region, Sevastopol bulk of real estate under construction belongs to the category of "elite". According to managing investment projects and programs in the Crimea real estate agency Multidom Ruslan Marinuta, of all being built in the Sevastopol region, housing only 10 - 15% of economy class, the rest is positioned as an elite. The demand for economy-class huge.

Experts believe that this trend will continue in 2008 because, firstly, a considerable portion of the cost price of land for construction, purchased at auction, and secondly, to developers to build more profitable expensive housing. "Builders, unfortunately, has not yet matured to ensure that, before starting to build, commission market research, which will give an understanding that the market needs. They act out of inertia, built as 3 - 4 years ago when I was a wild demand for any home. To date, the segment of elite housing is very close to saturation, as demanded in the market economy-class is almost non-existent ", - says Mr. Marinuta.

Average price per square meter in Sevastopol new buildings of an economy class today reach 1,1 thousand have. e. In the multi-story luxury complex located close to the sea (approaching the coastline adds to the cost of about $ 500 per 1 sq. km. m), the cost per square meter ranges from 1.6 thousand in. , up to 2 thousand in. , when a huge living space.

A similar value of new housing in another resort town - Evpatoria. Although, according to a specialist real estate agency "square meter" Sergei Gromov, the demand for real estate Evpatoria largely depends on the location of the object and its price. "Customers are asking either for a specific area of ??the city, no matter in which the fund is housing - the primary or secondary, or looking for property closer to the sea. And happy to buy the house and in a secondary fund if it is located in a more interesting place ", - the expert explains. The reason for this can be seen that the Evpatoria more democratic in terms of price and leisure resort, and "gold" the public still prefers the brilliance Southshore.

Akin Evpatoria prices in Sudak, where the cost of square meters in new buildings under construction is $ 1.2 thousand - 1.5 thousand cu

But I think, because the future of the Crimean resort is no doubt property prices will continue to grow. The implementation of new investment projects, infrastructure development, opening of new tour routes increase the attractiveness of the Crimea and attract new guests, thereby stimulating growth in property prices. A steady rise in prices, in turn, makes the most interesting in the Crimea region of Ukraine to invest in real estate.

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