At Anastasia Zavorotnyuk want to take an apartment and land in Yalta

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Sultry beauty Nastya Zavorotnyuk continue to haunt the trouble. The press wrote a lot about her failed project, with the opening of the ice rink at Yalta. Built ice rink was loss-making enterprise. Debts blocked income.<br /><br />And today, investors in the court require a return on their investment. Zavorotnyuk was time to withdraw from the founders and to protect themselves - at the rink now, to her complaints. However, in this trouble, "an excellent nurse," did not end there.<br /><br />As we know, is now in the Crimea is brewing a new scandal, which featured a leading ice show.<br /><br />Yalta on the coastal real estate Zavorotnyuk by the court under arrest for an indefinite period. So the actress can not enjoy their apartments, which until recently was so proud. This luxury apartment with sea views Nastya, along with former civilian husband Sergei Zhigunov acquired in 2006. It was a new building. The company developers offered to build an apartment for "nanny" in one of the villas of the former coastal resort, as well as to buy land next to it for construction. Then the couple in love Zavorotnyuk and Zhigunov invested in the construction of personal funds and was convinced that their wedding elite resort accommodation will be ready. That's just moved into a new apartment Yalta Zavorotnyuk not with "midshipman" and with her new husband - a figure skater Pyotr Chernyshev.<br /><br />The actress told us that additional private funds invested in the renovation, redevelopment, and the plus to that bought at reduced prices even a piece of land near the house.<br /><br />Then, a year ago, for greater effect, she invited the TV people to a housewarming.<br /><br />Enteveshniki tell that they were amazed at the luxury Yalta chorus Zavorotnyuk. Staircase connects the two floors. The design of the nursery, bedroom and kitchen participated very famous lady. Nastya told that, together with Peter to rehabilitate them with the love of family nest. And all summer with the children spent in this apartment on the beach. Now Yalta property under arrest. What happened?<br /><br />Mysterious Enemy<br />As we reported a claim to invalidate the purchase and sale of land and privatization of the former sanatorium Anastasia Zavorotnyuk filed in Yalta court by a certain gentleman, the so-called third party. The fact that a lawsuit filed by a third party not involved in buying a home, the lawyers called "a legal focus," which in legal practice is when a true proponent of litigation does not want to light up, staying behind the scenes.<br /><br />The applicant stated the specific reasons why the deal should be canceled. It turns out Zavorotnyuk has built his estate on the disputed land which belonging to the State Sanatorium. Now being tested - whether it was legitimate this privatization? Who gave permission for government to Ukrainian lands were passed into private hands, the more a citizen of Russia. If it was not a statement to the court, probably no one would have remembered the old deal Zavorotnyuk. But the court, as well as the prosecutor is obliged to consider all applications from citizens, even if at first glance they seem absurd.<br /><br />It would seem, well, who cares about real estate Zavorotnyuk? But the fact remains - today Yalta Prosecutor's statement, "well-wishers organized a review of the lawfulness of land privatization actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. Prosecution test faces result in a criminal case. While, until the scan is finished, the litigation to invalidate the purchase and sale transaction is suspended, but the property Zavorotnyuk (built on the disputed land) through the court seized.<br /><br />It is noteworthy that the actress was privatized land still under the previous administration of Yalta (tell, she was friendly with former Mayor of Yalta, which is now resigned). The new administration supports the intention of the Yalta Prosecutor return privatized individuals way of the land to the state.<br /><br />In all of this scandal is motivated. As we were told to initiate litigation and prosecutorial control (through a front, an agent) could a "foe" actress. And here lies the intrigue: who is this mysterious "personal enemy" perfect Nanny! Who wants to kick her out of the seaside "paradise"?<br /><br />By the way, that's not all mishaps "babysitting." Recently it was summoned to the Criminal Investigation Department of the Crimea for questioning. Young people who have been friends Zavorotnyuk were found drugs, and on this fact the police opened a criminal case. According to it, the actress is as a witness ... While law enforcement agencies are not prepared to talk about the prospects of this case - is a consequence. But it is not difficult to guess how many nerves all this trouble worth Anastasia! Some believe that the drug - one of the episodes in the entire "program of revenge, invented in order to spoil the lives of couples in love Zavorotnyuk - Chernyshev. "Zavorotnyuk hit" - so spoke about the situation, which turned out to be an actress, our informant. We decided to ask what he thinks about it herself Anastasia.<br /><br />Zavorotnyuk: "The campaign against me organized Zhigunov"<br />- Anastasia, tell me what happens to your estate of Yalta? - We asked the actress.<br /><br />- I do not want to talk about it! - Has reacted nervously Nastya. And then he blurted out: - Zhigunov with his assistant build long intrigues me. In their presentation made me shit ...<br /><br />- It Zhigunov wants to take away your property Yalta?<br /><br />- He can not claim to be my home, because I bought the Yalta property with her husband Peter. Nothing Zhigunov in the apartment did not invest! All my life, Pasha ... Know how much I have to work hard to provide yourself and your family! And now I have a lot of work - shooting a movie in the show. I have difficulties. Would be glad for someone to help me.<br /><br />Here in this picturesque village Zavorotnyuk bought apartments with magnificent sea views.<br /><br />We called and Sergei Zhigunov.<br /><br />- Absolute truth is that I invested my own money to purchase real estate of Yalta, which ranked Anastasia - gently told us "midshipman." - Can I apply for this property. And by law, and ... on concepts. But personally, I'm on the part of the Yalta property Anastasia in court did not apply.<br /><br />- Who has invested more money in buying: you or Nastia? You've probably made more money as a producer?<br /><br />- In those years, Anastasia has been paid actress, and got a lot. Sometimes as much as I - Zhigunov answered with caution.<br /><br />- It seems to be due to your connections managed to buy an elite piece of land in the coastal zone of Yalta?<br /><br />- We will not now about it ... Nothing bad about Nastya, I will not tell you ...<br /><br />Could be Zhigunov instigator of all this confusion? Sergey denies any involvement in the issues Zavorotnyuk. Yet the scandal is brewing serious. Moreover, the actress runs the risk of losing the Crimean elite housing, so that even worse may be figurant criminal case to investigate the fraud with illegal privatization of formerly state-owned land!<br /><br />The actress has hired lawyers who will defend her rights in court. And they are already making steps in response. It became known that the claim is made on recognition imposed on her apartment arrest illegal. This claim the court has not yet been considered. Proceedings in this tangled, full of intrigue really going on. It is too early to draw conclusions, who is right and who is to blame. We will monitor developments.<br />/ / Komsomolskaya Pravda<br /> <script type="text/javascript"><!-- google_ad_client = "ca-pub-8426615393746993"; /* 468x60широкий */ google_ad_slot = "0633076384"; google_ad_width = 468; google_ad_height = 60; //--> </script> <script type="text/javascript" src=""> </script>
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