2011 is the year of significant changes in the economic sphere

26.11.2010 06:21
Articles about real estate | Astrological forecast for Ukraine for 2011 Since ancient times, people sought to understand the nature of time and the mysteries that it contains in itself. Prospective prediction of a certain period of time helping people to better understand the world and organize their lives in accordance with its rules. 2011, what is it? - Definitely stressful, difficult and complex, the same as the previous two, to some extent even more difficult.

A characteristic feature of this year will be the rapid changes and changes in many spheres of life. Because from the very beginning of the year there is a tendency to financial instability and lack of stability.

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Analysis of the forecasts of previous years in Ukraine shows that the position of ASN in the 8 th natal home, this is after the fact, the main events leading up to this situation laid a year earlier. Therefore, the correct tense aspects of our lives in 2011 will be difficult to stabilize the situation even more complicated.

The main theme of 2011 - will be the topic of survival (Simp. 2 nd and 8 th houses with a combination of 1-m CO and 8-m natal). According to the astrological indicators, declining living standards in Ukraine will inevitably occur as a result of high inflation (the axis of the material involved), the probability of increasing tension in society. This is not the result of the government, is the result of lack of opportunities, lack of objective platform, a basis for further development. According to the astrological indicators of all the efforts the government will try to maintain the standard of living (MC CO in the 2 m origin.), But unfortunately time inexorably and without major changes the state will not do. And as a result - is continuing the growing crisis.

In addition stewards 9-th coordinates and the 9 th of CO homes in the 1-m CO proektsiey on 8-th Nat. House House - are pointers to the difficult economic situation in the country due to a buildup of external liabilities. It is therefore possible that the first year, during the winter months will be faced with all sorts of everyday surprises that the spring may be caused outrage and protests. Chances are that by the end of March, early April, there will come a period full of confusion, a feeling of collapse. Rather, these figures are characteristic not only for Ukraine but also for many other developing countries. Still quite a crisis year in many respects.

Under the circumstances, in 2011 it is difficult and sometimes impossible to successfully continue its activities. By and large not the government, not the politicians to blame for the crisis, and the system itself worldview implicit in our society, or is likely to lack this system, the lack of an ideology that would pull together the people of Ukraine to combat difficulties, and not with some opposition parties and their leaders. It was only after going through many difficulties and crises of 2011, significant changes with a positive trend can be expected in the second half of 2012.

It should be noted that at the present time in Ukraine, as well as throughout the world, the process of a pronounced change in philosophy of man. Someone is clearly aware of its inclusion into all socio-economic and political processes do not someone, but in any case, there is awareness that everything has a beginning has an end. And no matter how complex were not for another year or two, they have a feature to an end, but life with the proceeds. In horoscopes 2011 - 2012 years in the selected position are indicators of the 9 th house, which suggests that the necessary understanding will come slowly, will gradually be formed worldview of millions of people will gradually change the level of living.

Real Estate

In September, 2010 - sold out the opposition between Uranus and Saturn, so one can assume that all sorts of surprises in the form of unjustified property prices (both downward and to raise) behind.

Since the autumn of 2008 began a rapid fall in prices, real estate, for most adventurous people, the simplest and most intuitive way to make money: buy cheap and sell dear, the next 5 years is lost. This trend has every reason to slowly and gradually develop.

Since the 2008-2009 year, the crisis has stabilized the real estate market and thus stop unjustified rise in prices for housing, again it is likely a slight decline in property prices. However, even if prices fall, and then usually it does not last long. Therefore, the real estate market in 2011 is expected.

From the astrological point of view, 2011 is not only stagnant housing market, but also the construction industry. Astrological indicators suggest that in the beginning in 2011 the number of proposals for sale of real estate will increase significantly, while the number of sales themselves will be reduced significantly. This will be due to the fact that the first months, the market for finance is not activated, so the average changes in the growth of property prices would be negligible.

The relative recovery in the real estate market we can expect somewhere from the end of June 2011, and it is insignificant. The overall situation for the owners of businesses related to real estate will not be favorable trends.

However, the years 2011-2012 the most favorable for land acquisition and construction of small-town houses.


Behind remained difficult in 2010, this year's hryvnia as a result of the global financial crisis further devalued and the economy of Ukraine has undergone significant changes. 2011 for many astrological indicators may resemble the fall of 2008. The only difference that the depreciation of the Hryvnia, this time may be still quite quick and rapid, implying a sharp rise in prices, virtually all consumer goods. If by the end of 2010, the hyperinflation will not happen, then it is likely that this will happen in 2011.

The situation with the Dollar has a very different picture. The U.S. is the largest, most effective and innovative economy in the world. Moreover, according to the astrological indicators, the dollar may make an unexpected jump in the direction of growth during the first half, his position will only be strengthened.

If we talk about the Euro, then it is likely that the currency during the year, will be stable as to increase and to decrease. If to some extent and it will strengthen our market, so this is just a result of weakening Hryvnia, but not as a result of not strengthening Euro.


2011, both for policy and for politicians - a year to overcome the major obstacles (the position of Saturn in the 1-m CO and 8-m origin). Astrological indicators point to a possible recurrence of a number of assumptions and policies of significant mistakes of their predecessors. From the viewpoint of the evolutionary movement - a step backwards - it's a regression. Bringing the legislation in conformity to the Constitution of 1996 - is the same step back, voluntarily or involuntarily returned to politics society on the path of frustration, tension and instability. Returning to the past, we lose all the events of that time and the length of time that could already be forgotten, we are experiencing all over again. Good or bad time will tell, but with the final passage of Uranus in Aries - stress can increase and outrage from the opposition and the people grow. Gradually increasing military pressure from the government has already brought in the elections in October surprises from the voters. And in terms of astrology - it's not the end of surprises. President Vladimir Yanukovych was elected to the period of the square between Saturn and Pluto - and this is one of the indicators of pressure from the authorities.

2011 - year of significant change in the economic sphere, this year, falling real incomes, which in turn can cause a noticeable drop in customer demand (Venus in square to the SB origin. ASC, Nodes), and can lead to significant changes in the level of income ( Moon is in quincunx to Mars in the 8 th nat.d.) and the cost of consumer goods may have a tendency to excessive (the Moon in opposition to Jupiter). From the standpoint of astrology to find the cardinal axis on the material (2 nd - 8 th etc.) in the map of CO, suggests two options. Presumably, this particular year impoverishment of the "middle" class, and a year of total control over financial flows. Both the state has no natural state of things, and therefore has no lasting stability. As a result of disturbed balance of demand-income, which must be aligned, and in 2011, is not the year of raising living standards. Position of the cardinal points of maps of CO on the material axis natal chart, but rather indicates a drop in economic growth than to its stabilization. At the same time, the position of Mercury retrograde (Mercury - paper money) in the 12 th house of cards with would seem to indicate that within a year the state will be forced to "pop" (12 th house uncontrolled) market-unspecified amount of money to slow down the anticipated difficulties in the economy.

Looking to the future

From the viewpoint of astrology in 2011 - the year of the general decline of living standards (ASC CO 8 at.; Ex. 8 th on the cusp of CO 2-nd CO, CO 2-nd in the 8-m origin)), and this necessarily highlight the concept of "financial stability". Therefore, even small available zberezheniya not want to lose, they at least want to save on inflation, and if possible to increase the maximum. It should be remembered that in times of crisis it is impossible to plan for long-term investments. All global initiatives, can have a devastating effect on many of the results of operations.
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