Astrological Forecast for 2011

31.12.2010 00:00
What awaits us in the New Year? On a horoscope tell from the salon "Mandrake."


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Life in 2011 swallow the rams to the fullest. There will be a mass of crucial events and important changes that sharp turn you around 180 degrees. Therefore, completing the case, ask what is happening in the family, and sometimes do not notice how soon will have new family members. Must stop and give a breather and tired body, throwing it on the warm sea sand.

This year, you'll realize that "happiness is". And success comes everywhere. In the field of professional activity is the main focus its energies on implementation of already-developed ideas, we should not sprayed over trifles. Do not forget the next working people, their contribution must be appreciated. If you've been dreaming to change something, your time has come. Results of work at the end of the year will stun you.

Aries for the year will be remembered with bright splashes of tokens, as to your person and you do not hold the warm feelings. Love overwhelms you, no time for jealousy and prejudice. Enjoy to the fullest, all the thrills of this year will long continue to delight you.
Energy overwhelms you, and there is no need to dose her expense. You have the strength to even warm the warmth of their family household. Try more visit the open air, eat healthy foods and not abused.


Whatever activity you are engaged, the year will be held for you under the auspices of Beauty. The world around you transformed with the help of your hands or under your watchful supervision. Often in dealing with domestic issues will have to compromise. Financial problems are best solved in the close, the tested range. And another thing: remember the risk of "noble cause", use and fortune will smile to you.

All your love will be in demand among the inner circle. All the free time you devote to my family, my house. You will work for the joy of all the inhabitants, inducing beauty, cleanliness and order, please households delicious dinner, and interesting stories, creating a strong family focus.

How would you not moving, try to be especially careful going outside. To avoid injuries and accidents make haste slowly. Health will require increased attention in maintaining the immune and nervous systems. "The sun, air and water are useful to you." Joy and happiness you will find in improving intimate relationships.


2011 - for the twins, the year of fulfillment of dreams and hopes. Right now you have the chance to turn the mainstream of life in the direction you want. Act decisively and boldly, it all depends on your active position, the defeat will not threaten.

Works for the Twins in this year's more than enough, try to choose those options, so that was decent pay. Make it convenient schedules and you will master as many did not even know. Climbing the career ladder should be designed correctly, when the time comes around - act.

And love is still dostuchitsya up your heart will be a complete surprise to you and then demand accountability from you: strategy and tactics in building relationships will fall on you as an individual inventive and masterly.

To maintain the health of ways to use his grandmother's, massage and a Russian steam bath.
Adversity rinse water: in winter in the soul, summer in the sea. Try to resolve all issues peacefully, remember - the nerve cells do not regenerate.


In 2011, cancers will show a surprising erudition, his comprehensive knowledge and creativity. For what cause you do not take - think, reflect, and then proceed. You are now in better shape, the authority is growing in the home and at work. There is every reason for your career, to recognize and even worship colleagues. Finally - a place under the sun will be yours.

Love Rakov this year - the engine of progress and inspiration for poems and discoveries. Because of his love crabs turn the world: perhaps buy a vacation home, will lead his life in order, move to a new level in the workflow.

In 2011, cancers need to put an immune barrier for all sorts of infections. Vitamins, sports and fresh air - the simplest satellite health. If you are tired go to the mountains to breathe ozone. Stress is better to shoot on a quiet island coast.


Lions in 2011 waiting for an emotional lift, you will gush forth with new ideas and projects. Especially clearly show you how bright personality and outstanding. Do not miss your chance to find the good and take a worthy place in society.

We should make some effort to achieve the desired result. Do not flatter yourself with success, just hard-nosed calculation will lead you to your destination.

In love, you will find a fateful meeting with the chosen, it is likely you will find in a foreign land.
Flirting at work is dangerous gossip and scandal, so be vigilant and skrynny.Semeynoe welfare will not be without your participation: there will be problems at home and with the younger generation.

On health Lions should pay particularly close attention. Necessary to prevent the frequent sickness, lack of energy and immunity, because you have so much time to do it. Organize yourself to sleep, meals, do not forget to take a walk outdoors.


For Dev 2011 be the year of tabulation: need to understand yourself, all the achievements sort through, mistakes best not to forget, to erase from memory without fear and regret. You pull hard on the mass of new cases on all fronts. Not torn apart, all addressed as problems of income and on a first-come first-served basis.

Work was always the first thing for you this year, your ambitions are high, justified and will be satisfied. There is a chance to start something new, or open another line of business. And if you do not see prospects at all to change their job. Work on the result and a decent financial equivalent.

This year will bring you many happy days: someone will find a soul mate in the family you are the chief adviser and assistant. Supruzhniku help make the right choices and keep composure.
Since the year full of events of various kinds, better take a break from all alone.

Particular attention should be given food and water, eliminate fast food. In the case of the disease in the last turn, refer to drugs. Granny's way more effective for you.


Weights for the year will be a turning point, you may radically change their lives for the better. It is only necessary to make an audit and write a plan for the future. Many of you will want to educate ourselves, or try their hand at another profession. All year scales are particularly attractive to the opposite sex, so that store a charming smile and sparkling phrases.

The secret of success at work - this is your mobility: trips, visits to the facility will bring rapid decisions faced daily questions. Gift of diplomacy to help end the negotiations only in your favor, the results will surprise bosses and colleagues.

In Libra always find time and energy to privacy. Partners draws your charisma and charm. In 2011 you will not stay. If you are not free, it's time to revive the feeling to go somewhere together and stunned from communicating with her husband.

From the spleen and diseases will save yoga or breathing exercises. Remember, you have so many interesting things and change, or could not be left behind even one step. Tempering, vitamins and drink more often smiling.


2011 is very difficult for a representative of the sign: an eventful, which may abruptly change your life. We must be prepared for all the vicissitudes of fate. Be careful: do not miss the chance to win or grab fortune by the tail. And another thing: throw a blanket of laziness on the mezzanine.

Whoever you are, have to work hard. To maintain the old projects and the introduction of new work will help to creativity and inspiration. Above all, this year you comfortable role of eminence grise. Closeness with the boss can and strains, but it gives an opportunity to make stunning results.

Year full of love, dating, love, intrigues and passions on the side of the family. Scorpions as always full of charm and appeal. Everybody wants your presence at the celebrations and parties, it's time to show their acting skills. In all this, find a happy middle of a cycle, so as not to offend close to living persons.

Due to the large employment, health, Scorpion will be subject to severe tests. Therefore, pay attention to healthy lifestyle including their diet cleansing procedures, not only the body but the soul. Take care of yourself.


Right darling of fortune Sagittarius 2011. Only to finish, step on it: going to come, prizes and gifts of fate. On all fronts, full house: spate of work, an endless stream of family affairs. All this year you will receive, who have not agreed in the past year you will make concessions. Remember: you are now working on the result.

Most importantly, to have enough speed and diligence to cope with the volume, which will rush at you. Everywhere you will be accompanied by the ease of making important decisions, the authorities fully support you and the staff will rush to help you. Thanks to foreign partners and influential people you bring a lot of money into the company, where your reward will be worth.

In the welter of love. Free Sagittarius catch to strike while the iron is hot. It is time to create a strong, harmonious relationship. A family Sagittarius revive old feelings and intimate relationships. Even in middle-aged you overtake the arrows of Cupid.

When everything in life is good and the table was breaking from the dishes, the first to suffer stomach. In this case, one way out: go on a diet, green tea and fresh juices.


How will 2011 depends entirely on you, dear Capricorn. The most important thing is not to lose optimism and enthusiasm. While the stars may say, turned away from you, you will stand firmly on their feet, and no storm will break you. All year you will be a balance between good and evil, between black and white, and only you all had fallen under the force of the test.

In the field of professional activity awaits you the second part. The motto of this year: "away from the authorities, closer to the kitchen," This Capricorn - diplomat, sit quietly, serve and wait for better times in order to truly shine. All work should be done with extreme care.

Extended to 2011 per capita Capricorn warms true love - is a big life preserver, made you a destiny. Your heart will not make a mistake when choosing a lover '. Leaving behind her husband for love, soon you will realize that more and acquire higher status in society, and your beau was just tycoon.

How Not surprisingly, health Capricorn physical and emotional help to maintain a full sex life. Love yourself and your body: stress rinse water in the swimming pool, sauna and sea. Eat more fruits and vegetables, and immunity will protect you from infections.


2011 promises many representatives of the Mark of the expansion of activities, obtaining competitive bids and investments. If you want to start a business, just come a time, there are even money, which was lacking. Make up your mind, because it is your hour. Results you achieve will be impressive.

The stars have told us of the unprecedented rise of the creative for Aquarius, the possibility of expression is not restricted. Year will bring a lot of surprises in his personal life. Only to receive donated these goods do not turn out to have a hard povertetsya that for you just a joy.

In his personal life should not wait for calm, the winds of change will take you without a trace. Everything around seems bland and uninteresting, compared to what is happening to you. At such times it is not necessary to choose a spouse, an error may occur, so do not take important decisions.

When the mind is obscured feeling great risk to have an accident or injury, be careful on the roads. If you like to eat right, spend a year of vigorous and energetic. All you need to stock up on finances and patience over the health of relatives, not to miss the beginning of SARS to prevent it all.


In 2011, Pisces is making plans for the future. There comes a time when you want to change the world around them. The external appearance of health may be the main task for the whole year. And all for the sake of beauty. In the workplace you think about career development, most likely position is not appropriate for your investment. If you do not find improvement, you can even change the location where you will be offered more favorable terms of payment.

In cases of heart you are open to love. There can be drown from breathtaking passion and passionate feelings. For Pisces success in his personal life is based on a sound financial base, richer fish, so she is happy. From this it follows: attracting wealthy businessmen.

Clean thoughts and optimism in the most direct way to influence your overall condition. Pays great attention to your body: fitness room, sauna, spa, massage raise vitality. Relaxation and satisfaction with the re-revive you back to life to solve urgent problems.
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