Astrologers forecast for Ukraine for 2011

08.01.2011 09:15
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Year of the Rabbit will be difficult for Tymoshenko, good for Azarov and promising to Aquarius Tigipko. The country will strengthen the power vertical, but powerful people should be careful with the reforms.


2011-nd for Ukraine will be a year of real possibilities, checking the internal integrity, enhance the collective energy and a healthy sense of triumph. Astrologers believe that only far in 2021 will be the apex of Ukraine, to which we have is getting closer.

About this in the press center of the "Commander" astrologer told the international category, the author of the all-Ukrainian magazine "Astrological calendar for Ukraine's Elena Osipenko, chairman of the astrologers of Ukraine, Chairman of the Academy of professional astrology and astrologer Helen Kalantarova Center for mental health rights" Halo "Peter Kuryat.



Elena Osipenko: "In June, the better to limit the political activity of business. God forbid that our politicians have gone for this period on holiday "

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Let's get to the forecast of the country and see first what the 2011 to the development of Ukraine. Astrologers make a forecast for Ukraine, as well as for any person, is like an organism, an entity that was born in a certain period. In 2006 began a new thirty-year cycle for Ukraine, 15 of the first years - a period of recovery to our development. In 2011, we are only at the fifth stage, and even if things are not so we have time to do everything as we would like for their children.

Therefore, this interim period, some rise, but let's look further. 2012 and 2013 as a yak astrologers believe crisis for the country, but the crisis in psychology - a positive phenomenon. In a puddle of someone sees mud, and someone - a star. You need to look, what brings a positive crisis, what we go through stages of what we learn and what remains of our experience for further development and movement. I believe that 2021 will be the peak for which we are moving every year is getting closer and closer.

2011 is not already so bad for Ukraine. The word "bad" I do not even want to eat because it is one of the real's when we can do a lot of work. The most wonderful month for Ukraine will be in December, when we really have the money for further development of the economy is likely we can give them abroad for a while in order that we can show what we can do something. I think that after 2014 our country will be respected abroad and then come the year, which we might call the "golden age".

In January, we have a rest from the events now taking place in December 2010. April and nearly all of May I think of the favorable economic development policy. In July of + / -. Busy period will be in June, more than that, but then will have three eclipses, which is quite rare factor that is superimposed on the map of Ukraine. Therefore, there are certain prerequisites that it is better to limit the time for it business political activity. God forbid that our politicians have gone for this period of leave. August, September, October - a good period in November - a complex and December - is good.


January 4, 2011 will experience a solar eclipse. It will take place at 11:02 am and observed on the territory of Ukraine, which is a rare factor. It is incomplete, but it really resonates with the map of Ukraine. Degree of the eclipse - the 14th degree of Capricorn, where there is a point of Black Moon. It is not unambiguously a bad principle, but it's weak spot. We have an opportunity this year to make this place strong. Black Moon is in Capricorn, and he - this is a public system. I call a spade a spade, the weakest point of our country - is corruption. It is hoped that events of this year we were a little clean. Black moon, which is in humans, we are able to transform into a white. Difficulties this year, I see only in this factor, with the rest of you and I can handle.

Elena Kalantarova: "If you want this year to get something, everything must be thoroughly thought through"

About Ukraine, I agree that the main thing - it's mindset to a positive. But by and large, vertical power this year will increase. The desire for authoritarianism, on the one hand convenient and comfortable, because there are people who are competent and willing to take some crucial decisions, but on the other hand, it all depends on how they have an objective picture of what is happening in the country. How did this to present an objective picture of powerful people? I understand what is happening in the sky, as it clings horoscope Ukraine, and I can say for sure that this can be done through enhancing citizenship, association, resuming the trade union movement. If you do this to stop, then we have our hope constructively to build something and get out of these reforms at a decent level.

Chi can viznachiti, chogo ochіkuvati Same stolitsі?

Petro Kur'yat: Kyiv є correctly The capital of Ukraine. Napriklad in Bіlorusі Mіnsk є not correct the capital, where her Got Booty Vіtebsk. Moscow to Rosії TER correct capital.

Pіd hour viborіv, yakі proyshli winter, Bulo blackout. Tobto, yak-b Vlada not peremogla, vibori boule fatalnі, tsya Vlad vseryoz i nadovgo.

Oskіlki point rozvitku Ukraine znahoditsya in Dіvі in poєdnannі is Merkurієm, ibid znahoditsya i Yangol ohoronets, i Mars tobto chain bude rіk celebration of healthy Gluzdov on Ukraїnі. Tse pochinayuchi of 24 serpnya tsogo rock up to 24 serpnya nastupnogo. Vsі obіtsyanki-tsyatsyanki zakіnchilisya, nareshtі begun to rozumіnnya of scho Treba schos Robit is power. So yak capital nevіd'єmna vіd powers to healthy Gluzdov automatic and i transferred to Kyiv.

Yakscho mi vіzmemo horoscope power of Ukraine, the mіsyats, yaky there tsomu goroskopі, znahoditsya a sign i right on sontsі etnosu Rosії. Tobto, vsі reforms will be absolutely prorosіyskimi.

Elena Kalantarova: On the Kiev experience is not necessary, a moment of crisis was in 2009. Then we really could lose the capital, and move it, for example, in Kharkiv. Then there were enough serious issues related to the large cycle of eclipses.

Chi choices will yakіs spleski, disasters, kataklіzmi?

Elena Kalantarova: What happens around us depends on our internal state. That is, if we can secure a rather comfortable existence in the spiritual and material terms, then the fear of accidents goes into the background.

In terms of catastrophes in the world would be quite hard. This will be in 2012, and 2013. In Ukraine this year, nothing terrible will be show up some centers, but epidemics or public hysteria that should not be. True, the floods will.

Elena Osipenko: Our thoughts create our lives. Disasters have always been and will be, they need a man. In good American film has been said: on the brink of death a person thinks about the meaning of life. Therefore, if people are scared, I'm like a psychologist to see that "plus". After all, maybe someone gets scared and think about how to live and relate to the land.

How to act this year Ukrainians may resist some business projects, or vice versa?

Elena Kalantarova: If you want this year to get something, everything must be thoroughly thought through. Take some decisions and enter into partnerships only when you absolutely sure this partner and the agreement spelled out the details.


Elena Osipenko: It is important to set specific goals.

Peter Kuryat: This year will increase the gap between rulers and ruled. Sometime in April the authorities have a unique moment to work out the correct doctrine of the desired state. What will be the Ukrainians, are very much tied right now on what will come up with those at the top, we do not decide.

Tell us about the owner of the year - Metal Rabbit that he is and how it affects the next year?

Elena Osipenko: To have a well-worked Rabbit year, our Chinese people need brains. And we have our own beautiful traditions. Of course, it will be Chinese to celebrate, but a year Rabbit starts on February 3, rather than January 1. Celebrate the New Year in need, what you like and if what you've ever met, and you have a good year. Then I would have relied only on the psychological factor.

Peter Kuryat: Twelve-year cycle of the Chinese horoscope, because this is the cycle of Jupiter - the world's collective energies of its position is determined by the so-called quality of the year. Before that was the year Tiger, because Jupiter was in Pisces, it will now in Aries, and while he will be there, it will be a year of the Rabbit. It is understood that the collective energy will be given in absolute asset will smell slightly, and 1991, and the year 1917.

Elena Kalantarova: According to the traditions of the Avesta, the New Year begins on March 21, that is, the vernal equinox. Our ancestors have long been celebrated this as the beginning of the year. The coming year is a totem Magpies. I therefore said that the need to follow the words on paper. Forty greedy for all bright. Steal only from those who did not clean the hands. This year check on the internal integrity and conscience. Therefore, we must try not to cheat, and, above all, ourselves.

What the future holds, the top officials of the state?

Elena Kalantarova: Not really unethical to talk behind her back. But I can of myself to say that Tymoshenko would be a very tough year, a rematch is only possible in a year, and I do not think it will be a high public office.

If we talk about the current government, they came very serious people, and they are determined. The only danger is played in the reform plan, because there is a strong fixation on some sort of update, and most importantly, that it does not become an end in itself. Such risks during the year is.

If we are only obsessed with the reforms and will not take into account the objective situation in the country, how will people survive, then really get into the incredible bondage of our neighbors.

What will be 2011 for Yanukovych, Azarov, Lytvyn, Tymoshenko?

Elena Osipenko: As much as I belonged to the current government because it did not vote for Yanukovych, but I see very positive developments politicians. The most powerful position of our government today, and now - is the team. They work like a good well-organized team that the map of Ukraine is very important.

Of course, the black moon in the map of Ukraine interferes with public entities to do something purposeful, all together, a lot of parties - this is also the difficulty that we have. But in the map of Ukraine is a devastating degree, and royal. There are trials and hardships, and happiness. It is very important for us to understand that the card we have is not so bad.

As for Tymoshenko, I agree that it is experiencing one of the most difficult periods in their lives, but it's still a lot of years to be in politics, its full potential is yet to come, it will not open.

With regard to Tigipko and Yatsenyuk, it really is a new policy, which feel their power, will gradually go out and do everything to the next election, too, to run for president. But it is very important to them to monitor their actions and not make mistakes. Every mistake now could prevent them to go on top of that they want.

For Azarov year rather successful, although the past year was for him the best. 2011-th will also be more or less calm, and I think he will stay another year in the team.

Viktor Yanukovych is strong enough resonates with the map of Ukraine, but it put a higher power and if they allow it, so it is necessary for the country and people. It strengthens the foundation, provides an opportunity to return to tradition. He - a cancer, and this sign reinforces the tradition and family, in this task Yanukovych and he performs it.

With regard to new projects, we should pay attention to the politicians of Aquarius. Now the era of Aquarius, they see the future, it is quite progressive people. For example, Tigipko.

Elena Kalantarova: In general we have a long 7 years of a promotion and the formation of statehood. Suggests a possible change of government? So far - no.

Tell ordinary citizens that we must adapt and accept what is happening now. This bude effective reform going.

Incredible scientific discovery in the early age of Aquarius will be pouring on us from all sides. But we are not morally ready to use even those discoveries that I have now. We came to the threshold of a new era, and our consciousness, to put it mildly, far behind.

Peter Kuryat: People who come to power, the system captures the so-called mysteries. Creators of the State "Ukraine" were Kravchuk, Kuchma and Moroz. Then came their older sons and one daughter. Mr Yanukovych, Viktor Yushchenko and Yulia Tymoshenko - a "tantsyuvala riba is cancer." Yushchenko - the fish, Yanukovych - cancer. These two policies have nothing to give birth alone.


Yanukovych in spirit is the Dragon - the most powerful energy totem on the eastern calendar, which was released in the late 90's, as the genie from the bottle. Opposite him is the spirit of Viktor Yushchenko in Scorpio - it's the spirit of Dogs, a savior. Together they could do something, but did not.

According to your forecast, 2012-The year is critical. We will be able to "Euro" or not?

Elena Osipenko: I'm sure it will be possible. Since this event will very much attention to Ukraine from foreign countries, which by 2014 will develop in a certain respect for the country. But it will be very difficult.

Peter Kuryat: For the next birthday Ukraine negativity towards our country as a take away. State in 2011 again.

Elena Kalantarova: On the 'Euro' in principle we do not particularly threatening. It all depends on how much power will meet and be able to reallocate its resources.

What will be in 2011 in terms of family relations? How it suitable for marriage?

Elena Kalantarova: We should try to refrain from special hobbies and the freedom to find some compromise. Will be a lot of aggression, anger, desire for freedom and an unwillingness to take on any obligations. Importantly - self-control, because the next year for partnerships at the personal level is not very good.

Elena Osipenko: Tell me how Astropsychology: in any incompatibility between the pair at a high level of relations does not happen. If people are willing to hear each other, no matter what year of the crisis was, he could make a family even stronger if people love each other. If not, then this year will help them leave. It's better than living in sin.

Peter Kuryat: This year personally for each person who is somehow tied to the state system, such as the media, need to actively raise the soft parts, and act. Activity will drive us to the constructive. Who will be active, he will win.

What will be the international relations for Ukraine next year? We are no one will interfere?

Elena Osipenko: No, on the contrary, we will have new friends, especially in the second half of the year, sometime in September.

Peter Kuryat: There is a good indicator of tanning that we suddenly love our near abroad. We will become almost the most affordable state in dealing with the immediate environment with both east and west, from both the EU and the CIS. Would be a good contact is not with "whales" England or France, and with Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, the Baltic States. Ukraine is the first time, declare that it is the center of Europe.

Elena Osipenko: I will add that there is a lovely astrological moment of a solar eclipse. I'm scared that it resonates with a map of Ukraine, but on January 4 in 11.2 you can sit down and write plans, projects for a year and see how they come true. At this point you can not think about the bad, and only the good and spend the day as possible for more good deeds. This is something that will give us all an opportunity to spend this year positively.

Elena Kalantarova: First it will be difficult, with issues of freedom, morality and the true values will rise very sharply. Indeed, the 2011-th will be very productive, but again, if we move forward and actively express their opinions. There will be pressure not only from the sovereign power, but just at work, because it may be due to some disagreement with his superiors. These are the things you need for a note, especially on 4 January, at the time of the eclipse.



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