Assessment of the property. How to estimate square meters

24.09.2011 00:15
Articles about real estate | Assessment of the property. How to estimate square meters Property square meter, as the concept of a market, property has changed in price. Sometimes it is difficult to calculate - what is its real value? But this question is asked every day thousands of buyers and sellers. Find the answer it helps to peer review. By the way, the West has long been any real estate transaction is not complete without the participation of a professional appraiser. This is understandable: the people there know how to count money.

Property square meter, as the concept of a market, property has changed in price. Sometimes it is difficult to calculate - what is its real value? But this question is asked every day thousands of buyers and sellers. Find the answer it helps to peer review. By the way, the West has long been any real estate transaction is not complete without the participation of a professional appraiser. This is understandable: the people there know how to count money.

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Valuation of real estate - finding the value of the ownership or lease for real estate: apartments, houses, offices, buildings, industrial premises.

When you may need real estate appraisal? The legislation provides for a large number of operations that are conducted using real estate, and very often when it is required to know its current market value. Here are some common examples of such operations: making deals for the sale or lease, a loan secured by real estate, insurance, transfer of ownership by inheritance or donation, making property in the authorized capital. This is not an exhaustive list of situations when you need real estate appraisal.

Assistance of qualified evaluators may be needed if for any reason at the BTI is no information about the carrying value of the property, which is required for legal registration of the transaction. However, it should be noted that in this case not all are interested in an objective (market) valuation. The reason is well known to all: it is often the carrying value of the apartments, which is mentioned in documents TIB, is many times lower than its real price. The fact is that by defining the carrying value, experts BTI, in contrast to other evaluators usually do not take into account the market situation and the degree of wear at home, depreciation rate, etc. As a result, for example, a large apartment in downtown can be assessed much lower than one room in the sleeping area. Nevertheless, it is often underestimate the need to specify in contracts of sale buyers. After all, a state fee on real estate transactions still has not been canceled, and the less specified in the contract of sale (albeit fictitious) price, the less cost will have to incur when buying an apartment. While professional realtors warn that trying to save so a hundred or hryvnia, the buyer is risking much. Because, under current legislation, in the case that the transaction null and void "the two sides returned to its original position, that is, the seller gets back to the apartment, and the buyer - an amount that is specified in the contract, and accordingly have lost thousands of dollars.

Examination of real estate valuation is fairly complicated procedure. An appraiser must have a serious qualifications and experience in this field, professional expertise in law, engineering, architectural, construction disciplines, an excellent knowledge of relevant legislative framework and details of the real estate market.

Score Apartments

Evaluation of an apartment - one of the most popular choices expertise in real estate. Number of owners and transactions made with housing in the millions.

In some cases you may need to score an apartment by an independent appraiser? Firstly, when buying or selling a home. But today is not the most common reason for an independent examination. Why? The procedure of sale is generally accomplished through a realtor agent, who not only appreciate the market value of your home, but help you choose the options that will execute the transaction. A few more owners are turning to experts to make an estimate of the apartment for a bank loan on bail. Sometimes resort to this procedure in property disputes. The question of independent evaluation of flat and rises in the transition of ownership as a donation, inheritance, the contract rent.

Expert advice does not hurt when you get home, to then rent it out. Evaluators will help to accurately calculate how much money have yet to invest in repairing and furnishing the apartment, and then draw conclusions about the profitability of such investments. If the result turns out that the payback period apartment will not exceed four years, this acquisition may be considered beneficial.

Who assesses?

Today, the main regulations governing the assessment activities in Ukraine are: the Law of Ukraine "On the assessment of property, property rights and professional appraisal activity in Ukraine", National Standard, General framework for the assessment of property and property rights ", the National Standard Assessment of Real Estate "" Norms professional appraiser. As well as a variety of techniques, explanations, letters and other regulations relating to valuation. Moreover, in practice, with an independent assessment, are used in International Valuation Standards "and" European standards for valuation of real property. "

Ukrainian legislation to the subject of evaluation activities include: duly registered physical persons - entrepreneurs and legal entities regardless of their organizational-legal form and ownership, engaged in economic activities, which include those working at least one evaluator and have received a certificate subject of evaluation activities; state governments and local authorities, who received permission to carry out assessment activities in the process of performing the functions of managing and administering the public and (or) the communal property, and in the work which the evaluators.

Separately to highlight cases of assessing forensic (forensic expert agencies). The activities of forensic experts associated with the assessment of property is carried out under the conditions and procedure stipulated by the Law of Ukraine "On Judicial Review", taking into account the peculiarities, determined by the Law "On Assessment" with respect to the regulation of the methodical evaluation of the property, other provisions of the assessment for forensic do not apply.

How to make

optimal choice

The owner of the property, to invite experts to assess their property should do the following:

•? See a list of companies offering their services for evaluation and stay for about five companies;

•? Make sure you have a firm agreement with the State Property Fund of Ukraine for execution of works according to experts, because otherwise the company does not have the right to carry out work to assess the privatization, lease, determining stakes in each, and the collateral value of public assets. We advise to adhere to this principle, and owners of private property, as firm with the Agreement, in our opinion, more qualified than not having any;

•? Wonder of Chartered Surveyors in the firm and find out who received certificates. This is due to the fact that in addition to the Ukrainian Society of Appraisers, the certificates issued, and several other organizations, but the certificate of the Ukrainian Society of Appraisers today recognized as the State Property Fund and has the highest rating compared to the other certificates;

•? Ask the total amount of work performed, and so, for what purpose and what objects have been evaluated by the company;

•? To know in what time frame can be accomplished work. In our view, the timing performance for real estate appraisals should not exceed two weeks, and existing enterprises or shares - four weeks;

•? If the surveyed firms have, in your opinion, about the same ratings, is to ask the cost of evaluation services. In this case, recommend the following algorithm:

•? Of all these costs to exclude firms that offer their services at minimum and maximum value;

•? The remaining bidders to calculate the average cost;

•? Choose the firm, the cost of service offerings which is closest to the average.

Of course, these recommendations should be followed in order of volume of works related to the evaluation of existing enterprises or parts thereof, interest, shares or shares in business companies, the sale / purchase of a prestigious highly liquid assets, determine the possible collateral when granting loans, leases large commercial or industrial areas or other similar cases. However, the evaluation of 10 kV. m of retail space for rent, and the assessment of shares of the largest industrial enterprise expert should provide client assessment report fully conforming to the norms of professional appraiser. As practice shows, law enforcement and other regulatory authorities inspect reports, even five years ago. Therefore our advice is - do not order an assessment at dumping prices, as cared for his reputation as an expert simply uneconomical to do quality work at a lower cost.

As a result, real estate appraisal you receive an official document, with its sound, objective market value. In addition, it is very important that this document is legally possible to use as evidence in court and argument in tax disputes.

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