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17.05.2011 07:15
Articles about real estate | Assess the reliability of the builder The question of how trustworthy a particular developer, very seriously worried homebuyers. We are talking about a significant amount, and whether the developer will perform their obligations - God knows. Assess the reliability of the company, hand in building a house, a non-specialist is not easy, but worth a try.

Important factors

On the reliability of the developer can not be judged by one basis, they must be considered in the complex. The first consideration to the experience, quality and quantity of finished property. It would be nice to figure out timing of the project if there was any downtime. "Average dynamics of the building - two or three stories a month for a monolithic building, and four or five, for panel" - directs Angela Kuzmina, Commercial Director, UK "Unicor. It is necessary to know how many years the developer in the market - the longer term, the less the risk that at one point the company will disappear from view. However, even such major factors as experience, reputation and size of the firm are not "iron" guarantee. "Sometimes eminent developers frozen objects, but little known to continue", - says Roman Stroilov, director of private and corporate lending Penny Lane Realty. Nevertheless, if the developer enters into a large holding company whose business is diversified, its reliability is higher believes Sharapov Vasily, deputy head of legal department of the investment and development company City - XXI Century ".

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Often the problem Delays due to the fact that the developer summed contractor or subcontractor. Therefore, it is useful to familiarize themselves with all the project partners. "Poorly-chosen pool of counterparties threatens to high construction risks, poor execution of works, untimely provision of facility construction materials and connecting to the networks of electricity and water", - says Dmitry Taganov, head of the analytical center of Incom Corporation. Indicative of the potential to become the choice of financial partner, architect, consultant, real estate agent. "Any professional values ??its reputation and is very serious about choosing a partner, so a well-known names in the draft is an indirect confirmation of the reliability, - confirms Alexei Sidorov, the director of development Kalinka Realty. - We refused to work with the developer, because they could not assess its reliability and do not want to risk his own name. "

On the work of contractors and materials supplied by them, and indeed the quality of homes and the level of their operation can be judged by the reviews of apartment purchasers. Special attention should be paid to the object itself, like Sidorov. Talking about the reliability of the project can be used only if it is implemented in accordance with the law, that is, the developer has issued all the documentation received permission to build, and published documents properly. The site should be placed project declaration. In addition, "when meeting with a list of documents the builder should pay attention to the specified target in their order of use of the site, which should reveal either a leasehold or ownership of the land that is classified as a permitted residential construction", says A. Kuzmin.

To look into somebody's pocket

It is very important but most difficult time - assessing the financial viability of the firm. Key factors here - the presence of liquid assets and creditors' claims, the value of the share capital, competent financial policy, the positive balance of assets and liabilities. Sometimes the developer is proud to announce that builds "its", or disclose data on loans, but most information such as credit history, debt load, etc., are closed. Nevertheless, journalists can sometimes much so that we can rely on information from the business and specialized media. Some of them do manage to gather information about the agreements between developers and the big banks. The presence of such a partnership - a good sign: banks have a complete financial analysis of the developer as a borrower and a detailed estimate of its reliability. Says A. Kuzmin, information about the solvency of the firm is available for a fee - in banks lending the developer, or in special databases such as Integrum Company.

Indicator of reliability is clearly and maintenance activities on 214-FZ. Firstly, it gives serious guarantees to the buyer, and secondly, talks about the transparency of the authorities. Yes, and the clients too. Government guarantees, which are in the midst of the crisis have been provided to some developers (such as PIK ") - also a positive factor: the customer can expect that the next time the company will support the top. It really helps the stability of the business of the leaderships of bonds in the local administration - but they can only learn through informal, sometimes from the press. Even better presence on the boards of officials or former officials.

Irrelevant PR

Transparency - a weighty dignity developer. In the Russian market with this situation is not very good, but sometimes the company is forced to become more open: "If the developer intends to raise funds in international financial markets, reporting to investors - a necessary condition for the successful placement of issued securities," - notes V. Sharapov. The ideal company, the most open and robust - is that an IPO and traded on international stock exchange, but the vast majority of market participants about this do not have dreamed of. And transparency should not be confused with an active promotional activities. But if the information activity is sharply reduced or even comes to naught - it is already indicator of problems.

In general, public relations policy is largely dependent on management style and characterizes it was his ambition and even the company, not its stability. In the example could be "Social Initiative", whose activities ended sadly, or "loud» Mirax Group, which now has very serious problems. More importantly, perhaps, the quality and informative Internet resource developer. "The site - a person of the company. Availability of information about the object, the team, the cost of apartments, permits and design and budgeting documents suggests that the financial condition of the builder is quite satisfactory, since he can afford the maintenance and update this resource ", - said R. Stroilov.

How the pros do it

Secrets of professional underwriting shares Sharonov Boris, director of risk NSKA (National Insurance and Credit Agency). According to him, examination of the developer and the project is carried out in three directions. First, the legal analysis of the constitutive, constitutive and initial approvals. Secondly, the evaluation of the financial condition of the company and its partners, the risks the scheme to raise funds, the forecast of economic viability of the project. Third, analysis of indirect factors affecting the risks: execution of developer charges, the availability and condition of sales offices, the state of the object directly, the presence of their own material and technical basis, the analysis of information from local government, regulators, competitors ... In order to fully perform all of this work, the expert of the insurance company must have a sufficiently wide range of knowledge, skills and connections in the field of legislation, construction, real estate transactions, insurance. Must be able to read documents, organize the information, make generalizations, possess analytical skills. Can an amateur at something like that?

Assessment takes into account too many factors, not just legal ones, are often not obvious conclusions of specialists to laymen, and even for an academic lawyer, "- says Boris Sharonov. This opinion is shared R. Stroilov: "Professionally determine the reliability of the developer is very difficult. A person who is not familiar with finance, legal and real estate development activities, generally unrealistic. " "Moreover, we oppose the provision of detailed information of this kind to anybody there, and not only for reasons of security know-how - continues BA Sharonov. - The fact that some of the data underlying the conclusions of expertise, is informal, and giving her the publicity could hurt your project and the developer. " You can apply a "stratagem": to come to the insurance company and pretend that you want to insure the purchase of an apartment. Large organizations like ROSNO will not conduct underwriting and developer of the project for one client - they only work with certain companies. But smaller companies can agree on.

In the lap of gods

As the experts agree, the criteria by which one could confidently determine the reliability of a company does not exist. Even the most thorough and professional expertise does not guarantee that problems in the future. "We're just trying to adequately assess the current status of the project and its participants, to make a forecast, and forecast that as the weather has a property does not always come true", - said Boris Sharonov.
And do not forget the country in which we live. Neither the developer is not immune to shocks that can occur suddenly, at the whim of local authorities or other officials, like R. Stroilov. May be fatal and sudden change of government or its rate, which leads to changes in building codes, and rules for admission of housing the state commission.

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