As Yanukovych lives on the ruble?

15.03.2014 00:00
Articles about real estate | As Yanukovych lives on the ruble? Viktor Yanukovych, apparently, is still somewhere in Russia, but exactly where is not officially specified. Meanwhile, correspondent of "interlocutor" checked information about the house in Barvikha, where, according to unofficial data, the new residence is now a fugitive Ukrainian leader. As is known, after the capture of " maydanovtsami " residence " Mezhyhiria " near Kiev , Yanukovich decided to settle in Russia . According to " Companion " , he arrived in Russia on the night of February 25 and first settled in the hotel " Ukraine " (aka - Radisson Royal). And in the afternoon on February 25 Yanukovych has already relocated in " Clinical sanatorium" Barvikha " Presidential Administration of Russia, where he spent no more than a day , picking up near Moscow replacement " Mezhigorie . "

Far he had not walk . As clarified newspaper, Viktor Yanukovych new residence is within walking distance from the resort , just a kilometer from gosrezidentsii " Barvikha " , better known as Castle Mayendorf in which Vladimir Putin receives foreign guests.

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Owner of a new residence in the exclusive village " Gardens Mayendorf " Viktor Yanukovych became already February 26 , as the next day said in his Twitter chairman of the central council of the party " green alliance - People's Party " Mitvol " Yanukovych now resident suburbs ... And Kiev weather ... We can congratulate our Ukrainian brothers refugees with the acquisition yesterday Barvikha home for $ 52 million ruble glory ! " .

Yanukovych's girlfriend saw the local " ABC taste"

" He became a tenant of the village two days before his press conference in Rostov- on-Don. Evening walks along the paths there and feels like home. And his girlfriend can be found in the shopping center " Dream House " Rublevo Assumption highway . It there every day in the " ABC taste" for food to arrive. The same woman who in the video of " Mezhyhirya " flew away with a dog on a helicopter , "- said later Mitvol " interlocutor " .

Release Kievans girlfriend Yanukovych ( with wife Lyudmila that are not officially divorced) called Love lie down , she is the sister of his cook Hope Marintsevoy . First Love also worked Yanukovych simple waitress , but the last few years they lived together in a " Mezhigorie ." Now live on the ruble notes "interlocutor " .

According to Mitvol , the former mansion Yanukovych Mezhigorie , compared to the new abode in Barvikha - " trifling sample tastelessness ." " Now he really appeared very nice house - a huge three-story mansion in the English style , with appropriate professional design, with English furniture " - told the source of the newspaper . He added that the previous owner could not sell his half of the year , was ready to give even $ 35 million , but received an unexpected 52 million , as requested .

Name of the previous owner of the mansion Mitvol refused to name , but told reporters as one of the regulars of the village, it most likely is a Russian businessman of Armenian origin . But his name does not call the newspaper directly .

Who's neighbors

The cost of homes in the cottage " Gardens Mayendorf " comes to 100 million USD , so it is not surprising that all of the local residents polls either formal or shadow multimillionaires and billionaires . Writes "interlocutor " Yanukovych immediate neighbor , for example - Leyla Aliyeva , the eldest daughter of President Ilham Aliyev , who also has his small estate here , the newspaper notes .

Chosen " Gardens" current -law Roman Abramovich , Alexander Zhukov , former spouse Christina Orbakaite Ruslan Baysarov family of ex-president of "Rosneft" Sergey Bogdanchikov and Ara Abrahamian , who is known as the builder of the Kremlin .

There is also a house in the form of a spaceship , which is considered to be the billionaire Vladislav Doronin, Naomi Campbell presented as compensation for frustrated wedding ( according to the documents furnished house and land , however, on the other owners ) . Decided to settle nearby and head Rosteh Chemezov (his wife Catherine Ignatov even two years ago established with neighbors Nonprofit Partnership to promote the village infrastructure " Barvikha " ) .

Just " Gardens " about fifty residents living small bourgeois commune - within the village fences if there is, it is only decorative . From their hiding nothing, and others were not allowed there .
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