As the stars share the property?

27.03.2011 20:23
Housing issue, as he wrote Bulgakov, ruined not only ordinary citizens but also star of the family. Recently, the actress Olga Prokofiev - Jeanne Arkad'evna from the TV series "My Fair Nanny" - got into trouble because of their real estate.

Ex-spouse actress Yuri Sokolov wanted to she shared with him square meters. After the wedding the apartment in which they lived, Olga and Yuri, was considered matrimonial property. Immediately after the divorce Yuri claims are not established. Now, several years later, a man complains that Olga has a new living space from the Government of Moscow, and he is a decent angle and not saved, so he, his new wife and children had to huddle in a small apartment.

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Loved ... apartment?

History Prokofiev - just one of many. One of the men actress Oksana Stashenko, with whom she went to the registrar already 2 times, chose the same in her part of square meters. And in order to obtain the consent of the section, he did not hesitate to dissolve and hands. But she believed that you can keep the family together, so all suffered. Patience came to an end when one day and got her elderly mother. "I know Olga Prokofiev and sympathize with her because she was in a similar situation and lost some of their homes - confessed Oksana" AIF ". - I've always married for love. With one of the men actually sign it twice. I think that with his side it was pure calculation and ex-husband conceived away from me! before he married me. He knew that I was going to buy an apartment - because I had nothing to hide, I think we have a sincere relationship. And he was just waiting the hour when you can try to select this apartment. Prior to March 1, 2005 here in Russia there was a law: if I prescribe to my husband's living space, then after the divorce, I have no right to write it.

In order to leave, I had to give him wherever he may prescribe, so in the end was forced to trade off their four-room apartment and give him room. Unfortunately, when women begin to talk about the problems of their girlfriends, they feel very smart, but when such problems dumped on them, can not see beyond his nose. I, too, while on his nose did not see anything. For which he paid. "

The fee for the loving
Mikhail Kazakov was always famous for his loving. Only official wives he was 6. For this weakness, he is called, and paid the price. Several months ago, the actor went to Israel and already from the Promised Land, while in the company of his fourth wife, Anna Yampolsky, said that it was his last, the sixth wife, 29-year-old Hope culturologist Sedov forced him into exile. According Kozakov, he wanted to divorce his young wife, even has a 100 thousand rubles, compensation, and it still did not want to vacate the apartment in a prestigious building in central Moscow. Hope kept repeating: "I love Kozakov, divorce will not!" And claimed that all the machinations Yampolsky - she wants to get their hands even if small-sized, but the metropolitan housing famous artists, poets and slander her. As a result, a famous lawyer Henry Padva Kozakov helped get rid of the marriage tie.

Actor Vasily Livanov long struggled with the shiftless son, Boris, and even after he killed a man, Livanov paternal continued to defend him. But after the trial, ex-wife of Boris Livanova Catherine demanded by the court to settle it, and his daughter Eve in the empty apartment of Boris. She has motivated his claim that the granddaughter of a famous actor in the whole of Russia lives in a small apartment in Khimki, in a specialized school for five days (at the birth of Eve from hearing problems), travels to Moscow. While the courts reject claims of Catherine, and Vasily Livanov and his wife are waiting for what will happen next. "Where's son back, if in his apartment resettled ex-wife?" - Outraged Livanova.

Apartment scandal in the family of Roman Trachtenberg happened after the death of a showman. Within a few years before his death, Roman met with his son (Trachtenberg broke up with his mother when she was pregnant, and after about the child preferred not to know). Son, Sergei later in 1921 he found a Roman. He acknowledged paternity and paternal care as a sign of offspring presented one bedroom apartment. But, according to Sergei, a passport from him at the time was expired, so the apartment is temporarily recorded on the spouse Trakhtenberg Helen. Now Elena believes that the illegitimate son of showman must release the apartment and go home. "It's not fair, because my father really bought this apartment for me," - said Sergey.

Actor Alexei Makarov, and could not have imagined that the death of his mother Lyubov Polishchuk entail a scandal with his family. As they say, three days after the death of an actress by her husband, artist Sergei Tsygal, asked Alexei to give him the keys to his mother's apartment. Makarov did not sue - just stopped communicating with his stepfather.

Relationship with his daughter Ludmila Gurchenko always been difficult. But even more passions ran high, when my mother died Ludmila Markovna. At one time, an elderly woman moved to Moscow in one-room apartment. But when health began to fail, went to live with her granddaughter and a testament odnushku wills for her. This angered Lyudmila Markovna, and after my mother died she went to court. They say that now, mother and daughter have developed a bad peace, "and sometimes talking on the phone.

Alexander Abdulov only towards the end of life felt what it means to be a family man, he thought he had finally created a friendly, happy family. But after the death of the actor's relatives decided that his widow, Julia got too much - after all, Abdulov were not only flat, but the cottage in Vnukovo, a house in Valdai. Relatives Abdulova thought it would be fair if Julia will buy them - the mother and brother of the actor - in the apartment. Julie assures itself that the family paid 800 thousand euros compensation. Relatives of Alexander Gavrilovic said that the amount was much smaller, but the claims they submit are not collected.
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