As the home to determine energy apartment?

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Articles about real estate | As the home to determine energy apartment? Often, after reading all kinds of literature on Feng Shui people are lost among the multitude of advice, opinion and requirements, which sometimes even contradict each other. Order not to get lost in all this information and do not "commit follies" in a fit of landscaping their lives, we offer you a much more intuitive way to analyze energy apartment - an intuitive approach. After all, it was attentive and responsive attitude to urge his own intuition allows people, even strangers with feng shui to create harmony and comfort in the house.

Put aside all that you have read and know about Feng Shui
The first and very necessary step that needs to be done for the successful perception of space power - to clear your mind. Try to forget everything that you read and know about feng shui, let your brain does not cling to the many existing councils and opinions, as in practice, each case is unique and requires its own solution. By doing this, you will be able to perceive the space of an open mind, like a clean slate.

Start by analyzing each other's apartments
Perhaps one of the most complex analysis - an analysis of his apartment. Here we are all too familiar with many objects and parts of the house is connected a baggage of memories. It will subconsciously affect the assessment of the premises and to make errors in their analysis. In addition, we know that person can get used to the peculiarities of the environment after a certain time, our brain simply ceased to notice a number of stimuli. Therefore, we strongly suggest you start with the analysis of the apartments and ask your friends who are also interested in feng shui (or just knows how to create harmony in the house) to analyze your own apartment. For greater reliability, you can ask a few friends to make an analysis of your home, inviting them at different times and then compare their opinions. Only With experience, learning to look dispassionately at things and understand the reasons for their feelings, it is necessary to undertake a review of your own apartment.

At the entrance to the apartment
Upon entering the apartment and passed the hall, remember my first impression. What greets you this house? Is there a live stream activity, or there is a static nature and stillness reigns there a serenity and peace, or you cover the state of stagnation, which usually wants to sit and do nothing? But do not yet draw any conclusions, just remember his sense and move on.

Feel every room
Before the entrance to each room to stop and try to get rid of those feelings that you had before. Just release them or move to the background, freeing your mind for the perception of the new premises. For each of you this may be their techniques. For example, you can close your eyes, take a deep breath and exhaling, mentally free his body from past feelings. After logging into the room and slowly walk around it watching the reaction of the body (preferably do this in the absence of other people out there). Hang on in different parts of the room and track, if your feelings change, and if I am, then in what direction. Remember the overall feel of the room and the presence or absence of changes in perceptions of its parts. Do the same with the other rooms apartment.

Feel the apartment as a whole
Walking around the home stand as close as possible to its geometric center and try to assess the overall quality of its energy. When is your impression will be formed and compare it with my first feeling when entering the apartment, they are often very closely corresponds to a general feeling of space. Also assess how much different the quality of your senses in the rooms and apartments in the center. If the overall feel of the apartments is good, but there is some discomfort in certain parts of it, then make changes to the interior of these rooms only. If unpleasant sensations are also present in the center of the apartment, then begin the correction of energy needed from him.

Analyze your feelings and then how to correct
Emerging you feel and, accordingly, the methods of correction can be divided into the following types:
* The room is very pleasant to stay here cozy and comfortable. Sensation talks about balance of power facilities and interior design solutions. Correction is not required when making any changes to the interior must build on existing here colors, shapes and materials of interior.
* In the room, or selected parts of it bad, but there is a sense of incompleteness and some discomfort. Feeling means that, in this part of the apartment or there is some imbalance in the energy of the room, or interior design does not quite match the room. Need to make changes or additions to the color of the interior, as well as, perhaps, in the arrangement of furniture. Using your imagination to imagine what color shades have been here are relevant and good, and how to arrange furniture to feel comfortable.
* The room is uncomfortable, in finding there a sense of fatigue, pressure, anger, or apathy. Feeling means that there are serious imbalances in the energy space, which is usually reinforced by unsuccessful interior solutions. Requires a fundamental change in the first place in the colors of the walls and floor, as well as in the arrangement, colors and materials of furniture. Desired colors, again found with the help of intuition and imagination, presenting what is lacking for a more comfortable state.
* In the room, or selected parts of it having a distinct negative feelings expressed in including physically (in the form of headaches, muscle weakness, tightness and pain in the heart, chest tightness, shortness of breath, etc.). Such feelings can say that there are at present part of the house of geopathic zones or crustal faults, as well as various violations of the natural earth's magnetic field. Correction of these situations is very complex and requires specialist. When these sensations occur in most of the apartments, it is often the best option is to move to another place of residence.

Determine the most appropriate designation for rooms
Those parts of the apartment where you noted the good energy (including those requiring a small correction), it is best to allocate to the most important rooms. For example, this could be: a bedroom, nursery, study it.d. (More precise recommendations can be given after the analysis of personal energy map person). Rooms in which you want a serious correction, after the conference, you can take a secondary room where you are much less time. If the apartment, there are places with very heavy energy, caused by adverse geology of the earth, then be in such places is extremely undesirable.

Making adjustments to keep track of subsequent changes
Once you've made any adjustments to the interior of a room, rate after 2-3 weeks of changing perceptions in this area. Improvement or deterioration of Energy says the room respectively, right or wrong choice of colors, shapes and materials in the interior. If the same feelings after an adjustment has not changed, it's likely, but needed much more drastic correction methods, such as re-planning (in this situation it is desirable to see a specialist who can by calculation to choose the best option redistribution of energy in the house).
It is best if you gradually from room to room, make adjustments and keep track of changes have taken place there. This approach enables you to accurately track what and how much impact on energy at home, and what methods of correction are effective in every room.

Finally I want to say that the described intuitive approach is very useful not only for beginners but also experts of feng shui, as it allows you to quickly assess the correctness of the calculations of energy at home. Because the calculation is correct only if it is confirmed by your feelings.
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