As the home affects the fate and well-being

03.10.2010 08:58
Articles about real estate | As the home affects the fate and well-being Feng Shui masters perceive a direct relationship between the shape of the house and lot, well-being and behavior of its inhabitants. House - is the foundation of every human life. Defining and shaping the flow of chi, properly selected interior dwelling will nourish and sustain the inhabitants of chi, to help them achieve their goals in society and to cope with adverse circumstances, ranging from minor to serious troubles and problems.

Below are a few rules of Feng Shui about internal factors that affect housing.

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* The house should not be built on the site, which was previously used as a cemetery, a place where before there were undertakers, as well as the place where the massacre occurred.
* It is undesirable to place water in the center of the house.
* Window, as well as any hole in the ceiling or wall in the center of the house is considered an unfavorable factor.
* Do not have a fireplace in the center of the house.
* In the center of the house should not be a toilet.
* The level of the floor of the house should not be below the level of the road passing near the house.
* The House should not pass sewer pipes.
* Do not make the roof of the house is too steep and high.
* The walls of the house is undesirable protrusions and depressions.
* Real Estate should not be too stuffy or too dark.
* 'Party of the Dragon' (left wall) in the house should be above 'hand Tiger' (the right wall).
* Extension to the rear side of the house should not be lower than the main part of the structure.
* Not recommended for U-shaped house.
* Undesirable to put in the center of the house or land water tank.
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