As stars suffer in their mansions

13.11.2010 00:02
<input height="142" width="200" type="image" style="margin: 5px; float: left;" src="/files/50/vhod.jpg" />Stars of show business has to go into work profession to provide comfort in a country house<br /><br />Luxury Real Estate does not always mean the elite living conditions. Ukrainian "selebretis" as well as the Ukrainians living in urban apartments suffered from periodic lack of hot water, disruption of light and cold in the house.<br /><br />Actor Anton Mukharskiy known TV presenter with his wife Snezhana Egorova moved into a private house 4 years ago. "It took 2 years until we have established a communication and picked up a circle of people to serve at home. It was very difficult: we had a bad water, constantly knocked the electricity had to build everything themselves: they summed gas, set your own generator. A few days ago that's blown the pump and the whole day was lost water. Had to call a person and change the pump. If you have a private house - you're constantly fighting for survival. Constantly have any problems, "- said the actor. These technical issues are not only a lot of time, but also a lot of money, and yet it is better than to depend on the state housing department, - the Mukharskiy.<br /><br />Fragile Ukrainian singer Katherine Buzhinsky have to decide domestic issues. "I recently had to tilt because of a jammed gate. I was going to the airport, and I wedged electric gate. Probably, the mechanism is wet. I had vyzvanivat experts and ask them to come urgently. As a result, I barely had time to plane ", - said Katya.<br /><br />Celebrity couple Taisiya Povaliy and Igor Lihuta forced out of the city moved. "We sold an apartment in Kiev in order to buy a private house just because my mom loves the earth and wants to make a garden and a vegetable garden" - shared producer and composer Igor Lihuta. "Problems of course increased. This drops the voltage from which the fly appliances. Especially since we have put all their lights that illuminate the yard at night. Himself had to put the generator. And if something breaks, we have to look for people who can fix it. And sometimes have to sit and without water, if the plumber gets sick, "- said a producer.<br /><br />Country house - it's always extra care, so that its owner must be ready to become a universal worker's housing department and all efforts on servicing of housing to assume. At present, almost all of Kyiv region has been electrified, but the question of holding water and gas is more complicated. The owner may have to do well, a stock hole, and the obligatory consultation with an experienced builder.<br /><br />Another thing - elite real estate. "People who can afford luxury housing, do not want to burden his worries about the content of housing. Therefore, in the cottage, as a rule, there are service stations, which are all domestic issues are taking on themselves, thus saving the owners of luxury homes headaches on the current tap or overgrown lawns. Generally, all work is done with sufficient speed. But there are situations when the cottage is just beginning to operate and service work may not be tuned to the end. Therefore, we recommend our customers to select real estate to ask as many questions regarding the project developers suburban services, as well as trying to communicate with customers who already live in town, to be aware of what the real situation with the service ", - explained the Head of residential real estate company "Knight Frank" Natalia Pronin.<br /><br />The issue of service carefree suburban life - one of the most important when choosing a home or deciding to live outside the city. Someone has already had a bad experience, someone heard about it from friends and acquaintances. "The challenge of modern management company cottage community encompasses all aspects of providing comfortable living conditions for its residents. Provide a level of comfort that will not only give way to urban apartments but also exceed them. That's only problem is that while the existing companies on the market can not cope perfectly well with their tasks, "- said General Director of" Aurora Development ", Nadezhda Shevchenko<br /><br />The best option - test your home that you plan to buy, that is to live in it. For objective reasons, such practices are not very common in Ukraine. Too expensive: in fact to the cost of housing must add the cost of its lease. True, today, near Kiev can live in your future home for free. That is, if the subsequent purchase of the rent house property is calculated from the total budget. "Our potential buyer can arrange the lease on homeownership liked to make an informed decision, make sure the correct choice and not regret in the future", - says Elena Danyluk, CEO of operating company "Maetok Service<br />Columnist<br />
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