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04.10.2010 06:19
Articles about real estate | As noted housewarming of feng shui Any person is nice to have your own house. But life at home should bring this good fortune, wealth and happiness. Use these tips to attract to its supportive housing forces of Mother Nature.

* Before you enter into a new house, check around the home electrical wiring, gas, water and sewer pipes. Move your house in order.
* Make a list of dates of birth of all family members and household members who have settled in new housing. Learn from a master of feng shui, how best to position the bed. It is very important, because each occupant at home should feel cozy in the corner.

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* Do not forget to put the charms on the front door and back door. This ensures that with you in the house did not penetrate the evil spirits.
* Choose an auspicious day for a new home.
* On entering into a new house, first of all make the statues of saints, then - the money, rice, butter, sugar and salt, and then - everything else. Spouses
desirable to enter into a new house together.
* Pregnant women should not participate in the move to a new location. Before you enter into a new house, she should give birth. If the move to postpone the time is not possible, consult a feng shui master and take measures to neutralize the threat.
* Having entered into a new house, immediately walk through every room, turn around the light, open the taps. Make sure that everyone in the house regularly.
* In the old days it was customary to arrange the fireworks for a housewarming, nowadays, this tradition almost forgotten, so you can just play music. Invite a priest to receive a blessing for a new home.
* On the first day in new house drink local water. This will mean that you accept the conditions for a new place.
* The first night after the housewarming party is requested to convene a new home. If for any reason, it is impossible to accurately put on the bed linen at night.
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