Armenian tycoon Vahagn Hovnanian has built a luxury estate Yerevan

31.10.2010 15:04
Articles about real estate | Armenian tycoon Vahagn Hovnanian has built a luxury estate Yerevan Vahagn Hovnanian for Armenia - anyway, that Roman Abramovich in Russia. Only living in America and is actively investing in their homeland. He was born in Iraq, my entire adult lives in America, but my soul has always been to Armenia. Once on a deserted outskirts of Yerevan, he built with his own money elite cottage settlement, to live outside the city it has become fashionable. Even those who can not afford stylish townhouses, moving to the suburbs. Apartments there are three times cheaper than the capital. For example, one-bedroom costs about 20-30 thousand dollars. Corresponding MTRK Mir Tatiana Mkrtchyan met with billionaire and saw live the Armenian elite.

Vahagn Hovnanian is one of the richest men in America. On the continent his name is well known in business circles. In its incomplete 80 years he had a passionate fan of golf. More since 1967 dreamed of playing your favorite game in Armenia, when he first visited Yerevan. Then the idea to build a house in their homeland. Materialize this dream happened only in 2000. Armenian billionaire began construction of the city with sports fields and golf club. Today Hovnanian legislator called a new way of life, and he himself - the man who does what he likes.

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"I hit on the idea of national liberation. Remarkably, when you can be useful to his people - to open jobs to help young people ", - said the developer cottage village in Armenia, the owner of construction company in the U.S. Vahagn Hovnanian.

10 years ago on the contemporary neighborhood on the outskirts of Yerevan Vahakni was wasteland and a giant dump. Founder admits - then his decision surprised many, even after spinning at the temple. "It offers a stunning view of Mount Ararat. I decided - my house will be built on the site. Many discouraged, because there are solid stones. But as you see ... "- shows a new district Vahagn Hovnanian.

Vahagn invited foreign experts and the best architects. Together they invented the style of the future of cottage settlement. It was decided to build sturdy houses made of stone, but the first three were built of wood. "We and his wife needed a cozy wooden house. We are tired of the huge mansion in America. Here we can hear each other, and there had to talk on the phone "- says Vahagn Hovnanian.

Vahagn daughter Nina moved to Armenia and to open a business. First - the center of tourism development, and now - designer house. Her family lives in the town of his father. "I sometimes think that my father and I are doing one thing. He began building to come here the Armenians of the Diaspora - where every dream of a house in Armenia with a view of Mount Ararat ", - says the founder and director of the center of culture and fashion Nina Hovnanian.

Here, spacious streets, a lot of greens and no fence. It wants to move to virtually every citizen. But to live in a place not everyone can afford. Minimum price for the most modest homes - a quarter of a million dollars. Basically, here live successful businessmen, famous athletes and actors.

Chairman of the Union of theatrical figures Hakob Khazanchyan - the person in the country popular, his productions are known far beyond the country. A year ago he moved with his family in the cottage. "I came here to visit friends and I enjoyed very privacy of this place, and architecture. There is no oversaturation of buildings and piled up, as in Yerevan, "- said Khazanchyan.

Almost all the villagers work in the capital, and children go to schools in Yerevan. To the center of Yerevan on the machine can be reached in 15 minutes. Their school in the village yet. Director of IT-company, recently arrived from the U.S., Armand Markarian tells how he and his neighbors have solved this problem. "In our townhouse home four families, all children go to school within 50 km from here, plus music and sporting activities. Together we hired a driver for the children. Pay him $ 250 each, it is very convenient. I have a car, but I would not be right, and the second car in our family would have cost more than the driver ", - says Armand.

The family Markarian three children, the youngest two years. Parents decided to - children need to grow beyond the noisy and dusty capital. Also a gated development built in the American tradition and they do not have to change their habits. "We needed a convenient, practical house and a playground where my urchins could play safely. The territory is protected, and we are quietly releasing children into the yard "- happy father.

Before every house divided green lawn. Lawn care special employees who are hired managers. Almost every house there are servants. She paid about $ 400 a month. For the clock security and pay residents a month accumulates about $ 200.

Not such a rosy picture opens literally a five minute drive from the elite of the town. Holiday Village was built in Soviet times. On some style here, however. Houses erected, as best they could. Angela Sarkissian received a small house in the inheritance, but it is a seasonal home. Therefore, she decided to sell it. "We offered him 100 thousand dollars. But prospective owners will have to invest as much in his arrangement of "- warns Hasmik Nersesian.

In the cottages are moving mostly the older generation. Instead of lawns, they take care of the garden, growing vegetables and fruits. This brings them a small income. Everyone chooses the geography and the area of their homes, according to the capabilities of the purse. If finances do not limit the imagination, you can even build yourself a house-museum.

Vahagn Hovnanian builds big plans: soon in his cottage will be a school and a shopping and entertainment center. In the meantime, the continuing construction of residential houses. All cottages are built to order. Customer requests is strictly carried out, the house shall be a turnkey basis. The developer also has its own requirements - the project should not be out of the general style. And the last word Vahagn Hovnanian.

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