Arkan announces «smart home» to protect property

08.10.2010 19:55
Articles about real estate | Arkan announces «smart home» to protect property The company "Arkan", the federal security services operator, announces the launch of a new product in the line of Home Guard, designed for comprehensive protection of apartments and suburban real estate. For the first time in the domestic market there was a security system, which is the basic kit includes 3 levels of protection: prevents the invasion of criminals, ensures personal security of the owner and his family, to prevent accidents everyday communications.
A unique product is a multi-level intelligent class of "smart house" with connection to the clock control room protection and rapid response to incoming alarms. This product was developed based on research and analysis of consumer preferences, fully conforms to European safety standards of real estate. The system includes a control panel and wireless sensors, triggered by an unauthorized intrusion, as well as special utility sensors that react to water leakage, gas leakage, fire. Set to complement contactless keys, making the system as simple and convenient in operation. All control panels are contemporary in design and do not spoil the interior of the house, and the use of wireless technology allows you to install protective kit and following the completion of the renovation of the room.
"Company" Arkan ", confidently developing trend of" safety as a way of life ", has developed a completely new product that will provide maximum safety and comfort. Unlike existing solutions on the market the novelty differs balanced combination of the most requested features - intrusion prevention, personal safety and preventing accidents, and democratic price. Product is offered in the same price category as the only system with a set of security capabilities, "- says the press service of" Arkan ".
The system easily scales: on request protection of the apartment can be enhanced by the addition of sensors and surveillance complex, which creates the effect of a permanent human presence in the house. Provided for the expansion of intellectual capacity - connection options "temperature control" and "management of public systems." Additional contour of human security provides a miniature transmitter-stick, which sends an alarm by pressing a button, as well as service "Dear man," that monitors the health of family members.

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