Architectural styles of cottage townships

11.10.2010 00:04
Articles about real estate | Architectural styles of cottage townships Individual building, which is actively used in the 90 years, gradually being replaced, organized orchestrated cottage villages. Among their advantages is, of course, the infrastructure and availability of utilities, as well as many other nuances. Emphasizing the moment is still a single architectural style, which is the hallmark of modern cottage village.

In this case, experts note two trends. The first is that all homes are built cottage community in a uniform style, without any individual characteristics, and the second - is the use of individual needs in the design of the facade of the cottage, ie sticking to one style, the houses retain their characteristic personality. Distinguish the major architectural styles of cottage settlements.

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Housing estates in chalet style

Style chalet is ideal for building houses. Through a combination of natural materials, cottage villages in the style chalets have a very distinctive look. Has special colors of the roof, which stands above the total amount of the house. Thus it forms a stable image, which is inherent in such a cottage. In construction uses environmentally friendly materials: wood and stone.

At the heart of the cottage is functionality and simplicity. As an example, cottage settlement, where the houses are clearly belongs to the style of a chalet, you can lead a picturesque village, located on Dmitrovsky direction. Due to the hilly terrain of the landscape at home in such a stylistic performance is most appropriate. Plots of land offered to those cottages have an area which ranges from 12-30 hectare.

Housing estates in the high-tech style
The modern pace of life has changed almost beyond recognition home of modern man, making it functional and practical. Minimalism and hi-tech replaced the once-magnificent Baroque and Gothic. This style of cottage construction has not yet gained much popularity, but the "first signs" have appeared. It is a cottage haven in Dmitrov highway. Reinforced concrete structures, conciseness and clarity that borders on minimalism, fill the whole village a kind of charm. There is still a special beauty is not only classics, but also "high technology". Using a new, modern elements in construction work, will create a unique in its design houses. Plots of land offered for sale, have an area of 30 hectare.

Housing estates in the modern style

If talking about the most common style direction, it will certainly Nouveau style. Lack of pretentiousness, smooth overflow from one form to another, the use of sloping ceilings, all this and more led to that cottage villages in the modern style have become the most popular. By the way, modern style skillfully combines all the elements in a single ensemble.

Chosen as the main direction of this style, you can make individual cottages, but maintaining a unified style direction. This is precisely the manifestation of his flexibility and his ability to present seemingly a model project of a cottage in a very different interpretation.

Housing estates in ethnic style

Speaking of ethnic identity, it is difficult to allocate the overall concept. Rather, under the ethnic style, we mean the construction of the tree through the logs or profiled bar. Very common in the West, and technology have come before us. Housing estates, which are used exclusively environmental materials, are becoming a real boom in suburban housing segment, referred to as none other than the eco-house.

Constructed by the Finnish technology and adapted to our conditions, these cottage communities have the real charm of wooden architecture interpreted with modern materials. An example of cottage communities that promote healthy lifestyles are: Finnish village and Fortuna Land that the Dmitrov direction or Nakhabino Country, that Volokolamskoe highway.

Housing estates in the style of Russian classicism
As a rule, cottage villages in the Russian classical style are nothing more than a noble mansion. Quite clearly there is a tendency to return to past priorities, and this despite the fact that the functionality and practicality of long ago supplanted any romance in the style of designs. However, in the suburban construction this trend is still quite widely used. Of course, if it comes about the estate, the land and there are appropriate areas.

Of the existing styles to cover all possible. Architects say the increased interest in the newfangled loft-style. Despite the fact that suburban building is trying to adhere strictly in one direction - eclectic, that is, mixture of styles is the place to be. But you, when choosing a cabin in the first place, should be assessed not a style, and his expressiveness, functionality and practicality. And even from these criteria, as well as the value of the object to make an informed choice.
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