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07.10.2010 15:29
Articles about real estate | Aquarium in the house People keep the home aquaria, primarily with the aesthetic goals. But before you decide whether to buy an aquarium, carefully consider whether he will not violate the distribution of chi in your home.

To better understand the point of view of Feng Shui in the aquarium, you need to learn basic information associated with the 'five elements'. Chinese Feng Shui masters seek to improve the state of Qi through the study of 'five elements'. Interaction forces of yin and yang is manifested in the form of five options chi: Trees, Ground, Fire, Water and Metal. Like the forces of yin, yang and qi 'five elements' are not physical substances: it is rather the substance, describing all the properties of objects of the universe.

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The five elements affect each other, creating and destroying each other in a fixed sequence. Cycle generated by the following: fire generates soil (ash), the soil creates metal (minerals), metal produces water (although in reality the water rusts metal, the traditional order of the elements formed on the basis of observations: if the water was poured into a metal cup on the outer side of the vessel stood out drops of water), water nourishes wood (plants need water), and the tree of life contributes to the fire (burning). The cycle of destruction of elements occurs in a different order: the tree damages the soil, the soil absorbs water, water extinguishes fire, fire destroys
metal and metal chops wood.

Human chi can also be divided into five types - wood, Soil, Metal, Water and Fire. Everyone includes all five elements in varying proportions, ideally all of the elements should be distributed equally in man. Geomancer can determine the contents of each element in the total energy of man.

In general, if a person dominates the element of Fire, then aquarium (water element) to it to acquire desirable because Water and Fire
there are at enmity, following each other in a cycle of destruction (Water destroys Fire). However, if the fire in the man too much power dominates over other elements, a small aquarium can be set in the house: it compensates for a surplus of Fire. Likewise, people with lack of water element in the energy sector can make up for this shortage by purchasing an aquarium, and a man with an excess of the element of the aquarium water is no longer needed. The general principle is to achieve a balance of all five elements, compensating for the weaknesses and excesses.

In Feng Shui, there are six basic rules regarding the placement of the aquarium:

* Before you purchase an aquarium, you must consult with geomancy and determine the proportions of the five elements in its energy sector.
* Deliver the best aquarium in the eastern or southeastern part of the house. Below is a list of matching the dominant power in the human element sides of light and color to stand aquarium:
Tree - the north, green.
Soil - the south-west, blue in color.
Metal - north, white.
Water - the north or east, white or green.
Fire - to buy an aquarium is not recommended.
* The best format for the aquarium - a rectangular or round.
Geometric shapes relate to the five elements as follows:
Round - Metal (enabling).
Hexagonal - Water (satisfactory).
Square - Kidney (unfavorable).
Rectangular - Wood (satisfactory).
Triangular - Fire (unfavorable).
* The number of fish in an aquarium - 1, 4, 6 or 9. Sizes of fish do not play a role, and their number is correlated with the five elements as follows:
Water - 1, 6;
Wood - 3, 8;
Soil - 5, 10;
Fire - 2, 7;
Metal - 4, 9.
* Decorative items in the aquarium should mimic the natural habitat of fish - aquatic plants and stones. Do not put in
Aquarium strange, unnatural things.

What not to do is:

* To avoid financial losses do not put an aquarium in the bedroom;
* If the aquarium is in the classrooms, do not put it in a place where it will be particularly attract children's attention, otherwise the children will no longer listen to and will not be able to learn;
* Aquarium in the kitchen has a negative impact on pregnancy;
* In general, it is desirable to put an aquarium in the living room. But we should not put it on the so-called 'point of Love', paying face out at home. Otherwise, family members will tend to be a forbidden affair.
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