Approaching «the era of» cottage communities in Belarus

24.11.2010 09:24
Articles about real estate | Approaching «the era of» cottage communities in Belarus The idea of construction of cottage settlements near Minsk matured quite a long time. And, by and large, she would have realized if it had not erupted in the past year, global financial and economic crisis. Nevertheless, today known dozens of projects for the creation of cottage townships, which are at various stages of completion. According to market experts, the spring will begin almost a boom in sales of detached houses in the organized towns near Minsk.

Experience shows that the nearest neighbors

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In European countries, human life has long flowed into the country. Many people live in their own townhouse or cottage in a cottage village. In Russia, the construction boom of cottage settlements emerged relatively recently and primarily only in Moscow and St. Petersburg. It is true later in this list also included other large cities where there is overpopulation.

Today in Moscow the most extensive segment of the country market towns are in business class. Here come home ownership - areas with ready or under construction homes in the price range of 10 to 30 million rubles (about 320-960 thousand U.S. dollars). However, according to some experts the magazine, plots with houses at the price of 10 million rubles and a little more expensive and can be located in settlements of class Economy +.

According to Igor Zaugolnikova, Director of Marketing Communications RODEX GROUP, relied on by the magazine at this price range represents about 47% of the market towns. Villages business class represented in all directions, but occupy a leading position: Novorizhskoye, Dmitrov, Kaluga, Yaroslavl and Kiev highway. And the New Riga ahead of all other directions, and offers similar facilities in 2,5 times more. The variety represented towns you can also find and is almost ready homes, and at different stages of construction. Assessment Igor Zaugolnikova, if we consider all settlements price range of 10 to 30 million rubles, then 23% of projects will be in the final stages of construction, about 47% of villages - at the stage of 30-70% ready, the rest - at the initial stage.

The financial crisis has changed the price on a suburban market suburbs. According to observations by Dmitry Taganova (INCOM), which refers to the magazine, if before the crisis to the customers offers business-class could classify people with 17-30 million rubles - an amount that allows you to purchase rather expensive suburban objects of any size ranging from 15 to 30 km from Moscow, for today the objects with similar characteristics can already buy at prices ranging from 10 to 25 million rubles. This includes not only homes but also townhouses and plots with contract to house 150 to 300 square meters.

But as for the construction of infrastructure facilities, which include schools and kindergartens, in the opinion of Russian specialists, it is worthwhile to build in large multi-format projects. In general the market today in Moscow a decline in the infrastructure component, because the infrastructure is highly developed, as a rule, significantly increases the cost of the project cost, and increases the cost of maintenance payments.

Suburb of Minsk to develop his script

If we talk about the town market of Minsk, then we must say that the idea of creating a metropolitan suburb of cottage settlements matured a few years ago, but to date not been realized to such an extent as, for example, in Moscow or Kiev. According to Vladimir Chernushevich, director of real estate agency "Country House", one of the main reasons for that was the global financial and economic crisis. Nevertheless, said a specialist market, the first cottage communities are already under construction around Minsk, although implementation of the projects themselves are at various stages of completion. For example, some developers are in the process of obtaining a building permit, others - at the design stage, others are seeking investors, paving the fourth utility networks, etc. "In short, everyone - has its own destiny" - said. B. Chernushevich. And given that the situation in the real estate market follows the Minsk Moscow after 1-2 years, which means that sales boom in cottage settlements Minsk region could begin in spring 2011. At least, according to Director of Real Estate Agency, by this time may be claimed on the sales of homes in the 10-15 cottage settlements. Already appeared and the first signs "- developers organized townships, which are actively promoting their projects on the market, set up specialized websites advertise villages in print.

In turn, said Mr. Chernushevich, many developers still decide for itself as a global problem and are in search of solutions: what to build and how to develop further? Suit whether they experience the construction of cottage settlements nearest neighbors, for example, Moscow or Kiev? On this account, there are two main viewpoints: some companies believe that cottage villages in the suburb of Minsk should be built for wealthy people who are able not only to buy them, but also contain. For example, type outside Moscow "Rublyovka", where in some villages of the area homes have between 700 to 1,000 square meters, and the land area ranging from 27 to 70 hectare (gated development Barvikha XXI », Rublevo Uspenskoe direction, 9 km from Moscow). Other companies hold the view that the cottage settlements should be built cottages economy class with total area of no more than 100-150 square meters, with the sole purpose that they were liquid. Because the main goal, which is facing developers and investors settlements - as soon as possible to sell the house and, if possible, make a profit.

According to Director of the Academy of Sciences "Country House", an idea to repeat the cottage settlements built or under construction at the prestigious Rublevo Assumption direction, or, better still, by type of two new luxury projects in the New Riga - the cottage village Millennium Park and multifunctional infrastructure complex NovaRiga, which are about 24 km from Moscow on Novorizhskoye highway near the other projects of de luxe class of Villagio Estate - settlements "Greenfield", "Riverside" and "Sherwood", where the territory of 280 hectares will be built 670 houses ranging from 400 to 1000 square meters with plots of 20 hectare to 2 hectares, we did not succeed. (A distinctive feature of the village Millennium Park will be a unique man-made landscape, which includes parks and artificial river with a total length of 5 km and a width of 6 to 12 m, canals and ponds. The village territory is divided into seven quarters, united boulevard ring with two roads. Each quarter will be executed in a particular architectural style. The basic infrastructure of the village will be located outside - in a newly built nearby mixed-NovaRiga. It is situated on the territory of more than 200 hectares and includes a full set of services necessary for residents of suburban settlements of class de luxe). And, primarily because of the mentality of the Belarusians. And, secondly, basing his view V. Chernushevich, most wealthy people are already living in their suburban homes, are used to and "rooted" to them, have the experience of living, why change them at home in cottage settlements are unlikely. Therefore, the Director of the Academy of Sciences "Country House", the developers have to go towards building a cottage economy-class, affordable for people with average incomes. In addition, said an expert of the market, development of cottage villages in the suburbs of the capital and prevent the massive allocation of land in need of better housing to citizens for construction of individual houses. It turned out that many of the potential buyers of homes in organized cottage communities on various gray schemes have already bought and buy their land for needy citizens and build their own houses for a living.

In general, according to Mr. Chernushevich, cottage villages in the suburb of Minsk will be its development. Because sooner or later each property finds a buyer. Another thing is that, in view of the Belarusian specifics of the project some developers may be sold for 10-15 years. And here the main role will be to play the price factor. After all, there are already cases where only summarizing the central communications in the village increases the cost of the construction cost of houses for 100 thousand dollars.

But the benefits of staying in a cottage village there. This compact accommodation of people, and close to "society", and prestigious location, and its own infrastructure, and central communications, etc.

Nevertheless, the selection and purchase of a cottage outside the town is very different from buying a city apartment. If the selection of apartments in the right area, usually depends on the layout or options, the choice of country cottage is not separated from a cottage community. Therefore, it is very important are: the scheme cottage village, accommodation cottage in the village, the location of roads and distance from the road, the distance from the capital, there are different or at least the required infrastructural facilities. Such options can assess directly go to places and look at a specific cottage the village. To do this, contact the specialist sales department of the developer or authorized realtor, if any, and they organize visits to the cottage settlement.

New Projects

Not to be unfounded, will tell you about some new projects, cottage communities, developers realized at present.

Cottage settlement "boyars" located in a picturesque place 23 km from Moscow on Logoisk highway. The total building area totals 20.44 hectares. The project envisages construction of 76 houses ranging from 155 to 250 square meters on land of 15 hectare. In the village there are all central communications, the work which will ensure proper service operation. Will be working round the clock security - perimeter of the village established surveillance. The village will have its own infrastructure: a mini-market, cafe, its own sports complex with swimming pool and gym, a children's recreation center, three sports grounds for tennis, mini-football and volleyball. In the city and back on a regular basis will be running their own vehicle. In the cottage "boyars" offers a choice of 5 types of houses in the same architectural style, but each type has its distinctive features. There is also an opportunity to make changes and additions to the project. Completion date of the project - the second quarter of 2012. The initial payment is 25%. Payment is made in four stages. More information about the cottage can be found at

At 29 km from Moscow in the direction Rakovsky located cottage village "Forest Glade". From Minsk to the side of the village can go to ul.Pritytskogo (Grodno highway) or at the prospect of winners (after Zaslavl). Developer cottage community advocates LLC AlTerraStroy. Total building area - 14 hectares. The project envisages construction of 79 houses ranging from 150 to 250 square meters on land between 10 and 12 ares. In the village will be built a mini-market, cafe, fitness center with sauna, pool, billiards and sports fields, recreation center for children. Currently a special price at which you can buy a house - 999 USD per square meter, and a flexible system of discounts. Payment is made in 5 stages. Completion date of the project - 4 th quarter of 2012.

Just 1 km from Moscow in d.Tarasovo located apartment complex, "Dobrodeyev. Here on the land from 2,5 to 4,5 hectare constructed three types of blocked townhouses ranging from 140 to 211 square meters. Not far from the residential area are horse-racing complex in Ratomka, Minsk Sea, mountain-skiing complex "mountain Yakut. The complex has its own central communications. Townhouses are equipped with an automatic electrical (circuit breakers, RCD - circuit breaker). Since the settlement gasified in each townhouse set individual gas equipment capacity of 20-40 kW / h, providing hot water and heating. Water supply to homes and infrastructure of the village will be from the autonomous diversion device consisting of two artesian wells, pumping stations and storage tanks. More information about the settlement can be found at

Organized cottage village "Zhukov Lug" is built in a picturesque location, surrounded with 3 sides by dense forest. The village is located not far from the metropolitan district Uruchcha and will have its own infrastructure: a mini-market, service, service (nursery, pharmacy, bank branch, taking dry cleaning, laundry), recreational center (sauna, fitness club, bowling alley, cafe) and others . Lot under construction is 41 hectares. Under the cottage allotted plots of 10 to 15 hectare. The concept envisages the construction of the village of about 180 homes farmsteads, middle and business class. Buyers invited to build homes ranging from 145 to 270 square meters on individual and standard designs. More information about the settlement can be found at

Cottage community mansion type "Logozhesk" - the first eco village in Belarus, the club closed. It is located in a prestigious, convenient and environmentally friendly district, 27 kilometers from Minsk on the highway Minsk - Vitebsk. The main and unique feature of the residential complex - the location on the ancient lands Logoyschiny, which for the picturesque rolling hills called the Belarusian Switzerland. Elevation change in the village is 75 meters, all centralized engineering services performed by underground methods. The village is adjacent to the ski complex Logoisk, which for the future residents of the village will be organized by privileged access. On the eastern slope, among the picturesque hills of the forest, located 48 sites ranging from 5 to 30 acres, on which the duplex cottages and townhouses of natural wood with veneer first floor of a wild rock. General Builder village is LLC "Triple". Created and specialized site of the village

And here is yet another unique project to Belarus - a gated development of new generation «Minsk Golf Club», developed by JV "GolfKlub and OAO Minskgrazhdanproekt. Golf complex consists of sport-tourism and residential part of town and covers an area of 318 hectares. Sport Touring portion includes a field for the game of golf (82 hectares) and a golf learning center (11 ha). Golf championship class international standard designed 18-hole par of 72 and a length of 7-8 km. Golf Learning Center has a 9-hole course with driving range. The residential township will be built cottages, townhouses, low-rise residential buildings, objects, social and cultural facilities, parks, squares, etc. The first phase of residential development comprises 46 detached houses and is situated next to a golf training center. It is already possible to buy a cottage and land in the township. Within the complex will also find shopping plaza with parking, hotel and guest house. The facade of the hotel will go out on a golf course, located on the south side, overlooking the clubhouse and a beautiful forest-sanctuary "Stiklevo. The creators of the concept of golf set with full confidence say that today it is one of the biggest projects in Europe, which achieved success. More information about the golf complex will be found at, which from day to start working.

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