Apartments with finishing and without. What is more profitable?

19.02.2018 00:30
Articles about real estate | Apartments with finishing and without. What is more profitable? When buying real estate in new buildings, many prefer to take housing without finishing, so do not want to overpay for repairs, which in the future will have, as they believe, remade for themselves. Yes, and the option "enter and live" is an order of magnitude more expensive, an average of 15%. At the same time, everyone forgets that the developer buys materials at wholesale prices, and the services of workers are much cheaper due to the large amount of work. So what is actually more profitable? Is the savings justified?

Which apartment is more profitable to take: with or without finishing

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The lion's share of apartments in Ukrainian new buildings is sold without finishing (about 75%), since the demand for them is still much higher because of the relatively low cost. In fact, it is a box with concrete walls, it is impossible to live here with all the desire. Every year more and more customers are interested in the ready-made version, which is caused by a decrease in the population's solvency. But it should be understood that this is a housing economy and comfort class. At the same time in business and elite-class houses, the situation is different, developers offer options without finishing, as it is difficult to predict what the client wants.

Expensive pleasure: for what to pay?

Buying an apartment without finishing, you get bare walls. Without fail, there will be entrance doors, plastic windows and a glazed loggia. Sometimes objects come on sale even without interroom partitions, plumbing (sewerage and water supply will be closed with plugs). Repair will cost an average of 30% of the cost of housing. Therefore, those who plan to immediately enter, it is worth thinking about buying an apartment with decoration, and, with an equipped bathroom, kitchen. In this case, the owners of real estate will remain to buy, roughly speaking, a closet, a bed and a sofa.

Repair yourself: expensive and not so profitable already

The owner can buy an apartment without finishing, make repairs on his own, using inexpensive materials, then rent it out for thousands of 40-50. On average, it takes about 6 months to bring housing in order. If he had purchased a ready option and immediately found tenants, for half a year he would have earned 300 thousand rubles. Plus, he will spend the same amount on materials. Thus, he loses 600 thousand rubles. The same applies to those who rent their own apartment and repair an apartment.

Why are afraid to buy flats with finishing

Many potential buyers are questioned by the quality of the finishes and materials used. It should be understood that the developer offers such apartments not in order to make money on the buyers. In fact, the profit here will be minimal, rather it is done to stimulate interest in the object. Often, such a property is made quite good discounts.

Finished apartments

saving time (you can immediately settle and live);
saving money (the services of the builder are cheaper, the cost in the process of repair works will not grow);
if an apartment is taken into a mortgage, the amount of the monthly payment will not be much higher, while the first few years do not need to be spent on repairs.

the result may be unpredictable;
there is no possibility to control the progress of work;
repair standard, no exclusivity.

Thus, the ready option is ideal for those who need to enter the new housing as quickly as possible, who plans to rent out the property or do not want to seek money for repairs.

Apartments without finishing

you can make a design repair for your project, using expensive materials and resorting to the services of famous design companies;
you can save on cheap materials and labor, if you make repairs yourself;
you can make a redevelopment at your own discretion.

repair takes a long time;
you need to find good masters;
you need to monitor the work.
This apartment is suitable for those who want an exclusive renovation and who have the opportunity to wait six months until all the repairs are completed.

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