Apartments «kidalovo»: in the capital of a new kind of «scam»

22.03.2011 10:12
Articles about real estate | Apartments «kidalovo»: in the capital of a new kind of «scam» Attract swindlers to justice is almost impossible.

Housing problem in Kiev is still relevant to many citizens. Despite the difficult economic situation in the country, the demand for square meters in the capital increase. In February 2011 compared with January, the demand for rental of apartments rose by 20%, which is displayed on the number of surrendered flats. In February, has been deposited with 730 apartments, while in January - 590, writes Bagnet.

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In this case, as practice shows, where high demand, there are always those who are on this demand is not averse to cash in on simpletons and ignorant citizens. If the 90's in Kiev, "worked" so-called "black realtors", today dodgers bred citizens legally, and to prosecute them is absolutely impossible.

As it became known Bagnet "from our readers, in Kiev today are popular services agencies, which allegedly provides information services and assist people who want to rent a house. The essence of such firms is simple: the person turns to him, enters into a contract, pays a small amount of contact for owners of housing (from 150 to 250 UAH.), Which is already on the line negotiates a viewing of the property, the lease and the cost of living. However, according to our readers, as a rule, it is simply "selling air": phone "owners" are often "fake", some objects have long been dealt, and the options that remain - just for space prices.

People express their outrage on various internet forums. Here, for example, that one of these forums said one of the users of the news agency property located at Pobedy, 20, kv.10: "This so-called news agency, offers over 180 UAH. buy them access to a database of apartments from the owners ... We bought, and then climbed into the net to find information about such agencies. In general, the password is given, it works, access to the database is, but - there are very old ads - all respond that the apartments have long since been delivered. No date. That's it. Do not get fooled, please! "- Said the victim.

But that said another tenant who is victim of tricksters: "There are agencies, they call themselves the" Information ". I ran with. They emit the type declaration: "We rent an apartment. No commission on the street. Lviv-2600 UAH., Furniture, appliances, clean and comfortable, as well as apartments in different districts of Kiev with a different price from 2400 UAH. Rooms from 900 UAH. We will help you to quickly rent an apartment or room. " Promise, they say, you come, we will contact owners of an appointment, and you'll go to the show. Yes, you come to them, are communicating with the owner, he said that really delivers a flat and you can see it. But when it comes to business meetings, it either disappears, or says that the apartment is handed over. The agency will send you direct numbers bosses and you just ofigivaete, flats have been reading from 1000. e. ".

One of the agencies to which some tenants complain - "Arendainform. That's what we read on the page of reviews on the website of the agency: "I question why I rang for 3 numbers, and they know do not know that the apartment rent?)). - The user writes Marina. - 190 UAH. it is in principle no reason for frustration, but nevertheless, do lit ?)))». A user is W?adys?aw M. said this: "I'm trying to use the base for 3 days. BOTTOM LINE: Even exhibited "today" announcement of surrender turn out to have a few days ago with data to tenants! And about that time irrelevant ads are not removed from the database - even modestly silent ... But nevertheless, I hope that something will turn up. "

In turn, as the administrator told us the agency Arendainform "(street Esplanadna 32-B, suite. 2-B) Alexei complaints from people may arise from the fact that they" can not use the information base. " "When a person goes into a real estate agency, it pays money to the broker, who is looking for an apartment to your customer, ring up the hosts involved in viewing and so on. Our services are much cheaper, but in this case, all work on finding an apartment does have the man himself - looking for a new version, drives himself to the views, negotiate with the owner of housing ", - said Alexei. According to him, "Arendainform" builds and updates its database only after workers echoed the hosts and made sure that the apartment rent. On assurances of Alexei, direct phone owners are taken from the public information bulletin board on the Internet.

As reported to us, Head of the Centre of Public Relations Research Affairs of Ukraine in Kiev, Volodymyr Polishchuk, the police until the complaints of the citizens of these agencies did not apply. "Relations between such agencies and citizens are governed by civil law, and in this case neither the prosecutor nor the police will not prosecute. Only through the courts citizens can sue these agencies amount of damage ", - said Vladimir Polishchuk.

According to Volodymyr Polishchuk, the situation with such media outlets a little inflated, because today you can rent an apartment without a problem, finding the most ads on the Internet at various sites or special editions, without attracting anyone.

Lawyers also just shrug their shoulders - they say the contract for provision of information services designed so that even in a court of law to justice those firms did not draw. "The agreement on the provision of information services will not undermine - all well-decorated and there is a clause that if the customer service is not managed in the time to find accommodation, the agency is not responsible," - told us to partner with the law firm "Moskalenko and Partners Anastasia Moskalenko.

At the same time, according to reports from our readers, we formed a list of such companies, which, as noted by some tenants, and our readers, "selling air" and who should walk away. Here are some addresses of such offices - art. m. KPI Ave. Victory, 20, Apt. 10, Art. m. "Poznyaki" Str. B. Gmyrya, 9, of. 2 (or st. MG Raskovoi, 19, of. 1112 (metro station "left bank"), str. Dovzhenko, 4 off. 103 (metro station "Shulyavska). Besides offices dubious agencies are on the street . Chistyakovskaya on Art. m. "Lukiyanobskaya" in the shopping center square, art. m. "postal area" on the street. Sagaydachnogo, Art. m. "Sports Palace" on the street. Rognedinskaya, Art. m. "Sports Palace "on the street. Shelkovichnaya and art. m Klovska on the street. Pervomaisky AL.

Recall, as reported by "Bagnet" earlier in Kiev, you can become a victim of information services not only in the real estate market. Thus, in the capital in the wake of rising unemployment work psevdobirzhi labor that sell bogus contacts employers. Victims of such recruitment agencies has become more than a thousand Ukrainians.

Note, in the preparation of this material correspondent Bagnet "with great difficulty to get through to" Arendainform - contact numbers have long been occupied. However, and very representative of the firm confirmed that the bases are popular. It is obvious that if such activities would not bring profit, no one is doing. Because the conclusion is by itself: it can not look for free lunch, trying to circumvent the middlemen?
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